Dick Fitswell--taxi Driver in Bangkok
by Jack Corbett

Dick Fitswell exploits American tourists as a cabby in Bangkok


The four Americans leaving the Siam Royal Hotel had it all. Lots of money and  the time to spend it on expensive vacations. Otherwise they wouldn’t be at the Siam Royal Hotel where the rooms started at $250 a night.  Let alone the fifteen hundred bucks per person airfare. Still----there were many less expensive options in Bangkok to the Siam Royal Hotel where a nice room could be had  with a nice deck with a view and a refrigerator that had been  stocked with four or five different brands of beer and more than half a dozen kinds of ready made cocktails.  And for half the price.  Dick Fitswell studied the four Americans trying to determine what had made them choose such an expensive hotel------to be continued in the book which you can buy in paperback or two e reader formats from Amazon and lulu.com


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