Dick Fitswell explains why Henry VIII beheaded his wives
by Jack Corbett


Henry the VIII's double, Gonad Fitswell, assumes the  king's sexual duties when Henry's penis is decapitated

"You are not cured yet," Dr. Kwan lied to Dick Fitswell, as he lay on top of her with his big 18 inch cock plunged deep inside of her. "I still need to know if you can successfully copulate inside of me while you are thinking about other things. Todayís test is for you to tell me about another one of your ancestorís sexual exploits while you maintain an erect penis while fucking me.

"Let me tell you about what really happened to King Henry the Eighth and his six wives," said Dick Fitswell. "And how back in the 16th century, my great ancestor, Gonad Fitswell, changed the course of human history. It all started when:"

Henry stood in front of a suit of armor he had been admiring. The royal armorer had set thirty suits of armor in the Tower of Londonís East Wing. Out of these Henry was to choose one as the model for his personal custom armor which the armorer would build according to Henryís specifications. Completely nude while he studied the suit of armor in front of him, Henry thought about how he always got a hard on whenever he fought in battle watching the enemy knights dressed in armor of every description. Mounted vertically on little platforms the suits of armor gave the impression that each one was inhabited by a knight. Henry noticed how the suit he was admiring had its arm raised upward holding a long sword as if it were a knight about to slash downwards on his enemies------to be continued in the book which you can buy in paperback or two e reader formats from Amazon and lulu.com



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