Behind the Public Image of Nikki Lynn
by Jack Corbett

Jack Corbett interviewing Nikki Lynn at PT's Sports

Interviewing for the first time for "Xtreme Magazine", Jack gets lined up for Nikki's gig at PT's when she visits PT's Sports Cabaret in the Metro East.  It's a last minute thing.  Jeremy, Xtreme's editor, gets Jack in touch with Nikki within hours.  Within two days Jack and Nikki begin taping her interview in the manager's office at PT's.  The magazine assignment comes in at 3400 words.  Even this doesn't begin to get at the heart of the interview as the loquacious Nikki speaks out on many subjects.  But it's all here in the audio rendition of the interview.


Xtreme: "You know what? You were terrific. Iíve never seen anyone put so much energy into a stage performance."

Nikki Lynn: "Thank you very much. I just like to have fun. Iíve been quoted as being the only person either talented or crazy enough to do back flips in five inch heels."

Xtreme: "What do you do to stay in shape?"

Nikki Lynn: I do a lot of gymnastics. "Iím twenty-six and to do the same thing when you are twenty-six is not the same thing as when you are ten so Iíve got to keep at it."

Xtreme: How long have you been featuring?"

Nikki Lynn: Since 1995. Iíve been dancing in clubs since 92.

Xtreme:What does it take to be successful as a feature?

Nikki Lynn: Today the market is flooded with features. I donít mean this meanly but a lot of them are glorified house dancers. They decide to become features, buy the outfits, call an agent and expect him to book them. They donít make much on the road because they donít have the credentials. To be successful you have to be easy going and be able to take the good with the bad."

Xtreme: "What are your plans for the next year?"

Nikki Lynn: "Iím going to continue dancing. Actually Iím one of the younger features. When I was entertainer of the year I was the youngest of the six finalists at Las Vegas. Most of them are older than me. Most features and film stars are at least 28 to 30. And Iím 26.

Xtreme: "What do you want to be doing 10 years from now?

Nikki Lynn: "I own some property that I"m planning on putting a regular bar on--not a topless club. I just donít feel like putting up with it. I want it to be a hang out bar for regular people-- not your stuffy people. We will probably call it Nikki Lynnís."

Xtreme: "What is the difference between topless clubs and regular bars concerning stuffy people ?"

Nikki Lynn: Stuffy people are people who come into a club and expect the royal treatment. The chauffeured limo and the whole nine yards. Iím just an average person. I donít like that uptight stuff. When I go into Steak and Shake, I donít want to be embarrassed because I have to be sent in a limo which winds up getting stuck in the drive through. I feel uncomfortable around people like that because they are superficial. Real people make mistakes. Real people know that no matter how hard they try they are not going to walk on water without floating devices on their feet. Stuffy people donít realize that." The reason I want to have a regular bar is I donít want to deal with the cattiness that goes on in an adult atmosphere type of club. And of course you have the problems with towns giving adult clubs a hard time."

Xtreme: "What about the Religious Far Right trying to close clubs?"

Nikki Lynn: "I think the business is suffering right now because everything is so acceptable to modern society. I can go to Baton Rouge, Louisiana where I have to cover my butt if I am working in a club. Yet it has a 70 by 92 foot billboard for California Tanning Products of a girl lying on her stomach with nothing on. Sheís got a nude butt. But I have to cover my butt in an adult club. In Florida the clubs are basically bikini clubs yet I can go around in the skimpiest of g-strings on the beach. The society we are living in has gotten to be so liberal that everybodyís freaking out. Instead of deciding: "We have to taper this off, they are saying: "We have to shut this down. Because they are blaming it on us. I have a friend who worked at the Palomino in Las Vegas. Fifteen years ago she was making $800 a night. You have girls today saying: "I make twice that." Yeah!! When you are really damn lucky, when you are breaking the laws, when you have a really good regular customer in that one night out of 30, you are going to make that. Girls used to make that every night. When a girl has that kind of night she thinks itís Christmas time because the money is not there anymore and the reason it isnít is that it is not as taboo as it once was. Itís like the old forbidden fruit. Itís so socially acceptable, itís no longer as valuable. In the near future it is going to be very difficult for club owners because they are going to have to go through hell. They are going to have to look at the long term if they are really smart. If society kicks us in the ass all your wanna be girls are going to disappear. The flooding of the market will stop for the girls who can stick it out. The wanna be clubs that donít know shit about clubs are going to be closed down. The moneyís going to return to the club owners who are smart enough to stick it through the next 8-10 years. This is going to be a booming son of a gunning business because itís going to be taboo again."

Xtreme: "When you were growing up what did you want to be?"

Nikki Lynn: Iím a Registered Nurse and a certified teacher and I was a life guard.."

Xtreme: "So why did you quit all that?"

Nikki Lynn: "Because Iíve been dancing since I was two years old. Most dance studios will not take someone until they are at least four. But my mother was a choreographer for the Rockettes so I was born in a dance studio. By the time I was nine months old I could clap to the beat of any music and by the time I was 18 months old I was on stage. Because my mom was a dance instructor I grew into it.

Xtreme: Many features have a boyfriend or husband who travels with them. He quits his job or career and puts it on hold basing everything on her career. What do you think of this?"

Nikki Lynn: "It depends. Certain guys latch onto them because of the stardom effect. "Iím with this star". Iíve run into guys who are with these girls who are four month old features and they carry on like: "Iím her husband or Iím her boyfriend." Well la di da. Who is she? Hey, come on, do you think you are that great? Get over it. We are all people. We donít have to drink a certain kind of water and we donít use kryptonite. It doesnít make you that great to hang out with us. More often than not people try to take advantage of the girls. But sometimes people really put their heads together and figure out that this is a very profitable business if you put everything into it and give it 120 %. They are going to be able to retire earlier and be able to do things they never thought they could do such as traveling and seeing the country. I am an RN. I can go to the hospital tomorrow and get a job. Do I really want to go to? Do I really want to work there day in and day out and get one week off per year for vacation until the day I retire when Iím 65 years old? No thank you.

Xtreme: "Where would you like to live when you retire?

Nikki Lynn: "I have property in Arizona and Florida and Iím getting ready to buy some property in South Carolina. I grew up in Arizona and I stay loyal to Arizona for what reason I donít know but it is more profitable for me in Florida because more work is on the East Coast than the West Coast."

Xtreme: "Do you have any problems with stalkers?"

Nikki Lynn: "No. I donít have that problem. OkayĖlet me tell you something about stalkers and this is going to kick you in the butt. Having a stalkerĖwell, you are not somebody without having a stalker. You are not famous unless you have a stalker. Hey, I had a guy come into my house and put a knife to my throat when I was only 14. I still have a scar under my chin. That wasnít a stalker. It was a crazy lunatic who sat at my window watching me get ready for ROTC when I was in High School. He was here today and gone tomorrow. I think that having a stalker makes you a success, quote unquote. A lot of girls who claim they have stalkers are full of shit. Sure, there are stalkers out there. Hereís another thing. The way you act is the people you attract. You act like a fucking weirdo--you act like a dumb ass-- you act loose-- you act crazy, you are going to attract the same thing. Another thing too--you are not seeing behind the lines. Take a house girl who has a regular customer. She leads the customer on for a car, school tuition, or a boob job. Girls do this whether they are a feature or a house girl. This is called a Sugar Daddy. Now what happens when they lead that Sugar Daddy on to the tune of thousands? He thinks theyíve got a fucking relationship because that girl led him to believe that. But sheís got her boobs. She doesnít need him anymore."

Xtreme: "I think the girls call him a regular."

Nikki Lynn: "Well, they call him a regular to his face or a very good friend, but behind his back heís a Sugar Daddy whoís a sucker. Those girls are doing everything they possibly can to convince him to spend that money. When he spends it they donít need him anymore. They are done with him. Or when they see the end of the line in his finances, they get rid of him. The guy starts to ask: "I thought we were in love, I thought you were my girlfriend, I thought we were best friends." Now heís confused. Now he bugs them trying to figure out: "Why are you doing this to me?" Is that a stalker? Itís not a stalker. In the industry there are many victims with a penis between their legs."

Xtreme: "Letís get back to Nikki Lynn. Now that you have acquired the property and plan on moving to Florida, what are your dreams? "

Nikki Lynn: "My dreams are to have more Harleys."

Xtreme: "To have more Harleys?"

Nikki Lynn: "Yes."

Xtreme: "So what do you want to be doing when you are no longer a part of the adult entertainment industry and own that bike?"

Nikki Lynn: "I already have four. I want to have a museum of bikes."

Xtreme: "Do you want to have any BMWís?"

Nikki Lynn: "No. I have four Harleys. I want a World War II Harley. In World War II Harley Davidson supplied the military with transportation and I want to come across a World War II bike, restore it to mint condition and put it in a glass case."

Xtreme: "You donít like sports cars?"

Nikki Lynn: "No. I have one. But I like the open road with the wind in my face. I like to smell the ocean when Iím riding."

Xtreme: "Beneath a helmet?"

Nikki Lynn: "I have a little boy. My little boy said it best the first time I put him on my Harley. He said: "Mommy, I canít believe this. I can smell everything. I can see so much more. And I can feel it. I feel what everybody feels. I can feel what the dolphins are feeling. I can feel what the deer on the side of the road is feeling." In todayís society we have gotten so far away from nature. Thereís so little of it left. We have destroyed so much of it that being on a Harley gives me a chance to be back with it. Long term, I think Iíll do lots of things. Lots of traveling. I will see lots of remote places. I think the biggest problem with our youth is that yes, weíve had a couple little wars lately. Did they affect us? No. Did they affect our country? No. Did we sweat one day of our lives? No. Did our kids get scared crapless and have to practice being under their desks or standing in a bomb shelter? No. So what happened because of that? Thereís no appreciation for History and why we are Americans. And I donít want to forget that."

Xtreme: "So you think History is important?"

Nikki Lynn: "I think itís not being stressed in the schools nearly enough."

Xtreme: "What did you teach?"

Nikki Lynn: "I can teach everything. I did really well in school. I graduated when I was 16. I can grasp it all and see it all. I can read really fast. I donít want to teach school but I want my kids to learn things that they donít teach in school so thatís why I did that. Thatís why I bothered to become a registered teacher."

Xtreme: "What are you certified to teach?"

Nikki Lynn: "I can teach all the way through grade 12. I can teach Calculus, I can teach Geometry, Trig. Etc"

Xtreme: "I want to ask you one last question. What advice would you offer the girls offer house dancers who do not aspire to become feature entertainers?"

Nikki Lynn: "I think this will go for everyone. When you think you are having a bad night, think about it again. Because thereís always someone worse off than you. And if you keep that in mind, every day is going to be a good day. When you go up on that stage donít be so into your music or how you look in the mirror-- donít be too superficial. Instead of going to the guy whoís screaming the loudest and whoís throwing the most dollar bills, find those five guys who arenít smiling and make them smile. Thatíll make them feel a lot better. Consequently the whole crowd is going to love you. Thatís the secret. Itís making people happy. When people are happy they like to give. Thatís the secret to this business."



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