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Some of Jack Corbett's thoughts on a variety of subjects.   Agree?  Or disagree?   Add your comments to  The Looking Glass Magazine Forum

Chasing Hemingway  Widely considered to be the man whose style has had the greatest impact on 20th century writers Hemingway had very definite ideas about death.  Here are some of mine.

The Finest Woman I have ever known Jack reflects on his mother and grandfather.

Reflecting  on a civilization hundreds of years ago.   Just four miles from Dollies I take a stroll through Cahokia Mounds.  Towering over the area is Monks Mound.   In 1250 AD the Great Sun lived  on top of this 100 foot high mound, watching  his 20000 subjects below, enjoying absolute power---including  life and death.  Back then the City of London had fewer inhabitants.   A different world, at a different time when men were men and women took notice.


Programmed to fail   Why do so many undeserving women end up getting the fur coats, BMW's, and nice vacations from their husbands and boyfriends while nice girls who just happen to be dancers end up getting the shaft?  Hell if I know so if you want to know some of my feelings about something I know little about please click on this article.

Mr. Charles Darwin---You were wrong   In his theories of natural selection Darwin proposed that men and women who had the most fit genes survived through their progeny.  Wrong, Charles.   But since you are not here to defend yourself, due to your demise a hundred years ago, I'm here to take unfair advantage.

The Beautiful Girl in Prison  She's just a girl with looks and personality to spare but like millions her mind a prisoner of her past.

Do they love being shit Upon  Now that's a good question.  This article has two cartoons.  You might find them to be repulsive but the stark reality  they portray is not a pretty picture either.


Just a few articles I've published in Xtreme Magazine and/or Exotic Dancer's Bulletin

The Devil Incarnate--they want to shut this Man Down  Northern Indiana topless club owner Sam Stimmel gives away the bride, Renee, (Delilah) a pretty blonde who used to work for him.  An unlikely scenario?  Not when you know Sam, a kind hearted man whose club pumps two million dollars into his community.  Read about how Sam and his fellow club owners fight back against the Mothers for a More Boring Nation through a series of fund raisers devoted to keeping 1st amendment rights for all Americans. 

Last Bastion for Bad Boys  Deja Vu, America's largest chain of adult clubs with 55 clubs nationwide, purchases the Jewel Box in the St Louis Metro East.  But with 49 of its clubs being juice bars can Deja Vu cut muster in the wild and wooly of the Louis Metro East scene in which the drink of choice of its dancers is straight tequila?  Jack Corbett interviews top management at Deja Vu, PT's and Platinum Club to get the answers.

Behind the public image of Nikki Lynn   Exotic Dancer Magazine's entertainer of the year, model for Penthouse, Hustler, and numerous other magazines, Nikki Lynn's resume is hard to top.  This is the complete interview of the adult entertainer in the manager's office at PT's where Nikki was featuring.  First is the interview as it was published in Xtreme Magazine.  Next comes the complete recorded interview exactly as it happened but you are going to need the G-2 Real Player to get it.

Topless Dancing--Fast Route to Independence  Four dancers emerge as the focus of this article, two from the St Louis Metro East and two from northern Indiana, all four developing marketable skills unrelated to dancing that sets them off from the rest of the pack.

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