Dick Fitswell running the whore house
by Jack Corbett


Dick Fitswell introduces fuckee fuckee cubicles to  Spermutations

Spermutations Gentlemenn's Club, Bangcock, Thighland

Spermutations was a dream come true for Dick Fitswell. "A Whorehouse in Bangkok" is my destiny. Itís me. Itís what Iím all about," Dick Fitswell chuckled to himself as he sat in his managerís office with his feet stretched out on his desk watching "his girls" slowly filter in to work their shifts on the twenty-seven inch monitoring screen he had installed.  On it he could watch every room in the place. Horizontal and vertical lines on this screen subdivided its surface into twenty-four zones which he could watch simultaneously. Nine little rooms where the girls and their did the Thai baths, the Spermutations bar, the dressing room, and even the parking lot were under Dick Fitswellís scrutiny along with the five "Fuckee Fuckee cubicles.  Most customers  started with the Thai bath as they enjoyed the one and a half hour massages but invariably ended up paying more to copulate with the girls.  Some  preferred getting on with their business in the Fuckee Fuckee cubicles as soon as the bouncer asked them what service they wanted.  In the long run such experienced customers paid less for the penetration they longed for while others simply didnít have the time to go through the hour and a half long Thai bath.  The display was on a timer which showed each zone for two seconds, before going back to the overview screen which showed all twenty-four zones at once. Then it would go to the second zone, go back to the overview screen, before continuing onto the third zone, and so on.  Dick Fitswell also had a mouse which he could use to click on the individual sectors on his display which would temporarily interrupt the automatic processing of the images by bringing up whatever room he wanted to view full size------to be continued in the book which you can buy in paperback or two e reader formats from Amazon and lulu.com



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