Do topless dancers love being shit Upon?
by Jack Corbett

The doctor stood next to me at Dollies Playhouse, agitated, obviously upset.

 "Jack, why do most women love the ass holes and have nothing to do with good guys?"

he asked me as we had a beer together.

"I think they enjoy getting beaten, or having to support a guy and giving him their money. They have to love it." The doctor was far from a stupid man and I had to agree with him about the part about "most women". What I wasn't sure about was the part about "enjoying it", so I disagreed with him. But that's okay--we're still friends.

Still, I have long wondered why so many of the most attractive American women put out for men most of my friends and I would consider to be cretins. Back in my college years some of my closest friends and I performed ass hole experiments. We went out every night and deliberately avoided showing the slightest trace of sincerity to any women we might meet or go out with later on. Being sincere or "nice" would qualify the offender for ostracism from the group. My two closest friends and I became known as the three jags because we were jagging off every night carousing around every town in the area, meeting women and in general behaving as obnoxiously as possible.

We were Seniors then and the Sophomores looked upon us as mentors because we could go out every night and still not flunk out of college. Our little group was not as concerned with getting in a girl's pants as it was with "abusing them". Don't get me wrong----we didn't go around beating up women. We just ridiculed them. For one thing we made up the most god awful lines in the world. One of my friends pretended to be a German whose English vas not zo gudt. Another and this one didn't hang with us every night was a famous "race car driver". We were into playing games so much that we became infamous all over the campus. If I recall the Sig Ep fraternity used to salute us.

Well guess what? It worked. We'd pull cute little numbers like one guy having a girl in his room as he managed to have his friends sneak in and catch him in the act. Another time I remember studying for Comprehensive Examinations. Two women I had been going out with called me saying they wanted to go out with me that night and I told both of them I was studying. I started studying alright until three other women sneaked in the dorm (they weren't supposed to be in the dorms during the night in those days) and walked into my room. "Want to go out dancing?" they asked. "Sure. Let me just get Tommy and Dennis," I replied. We ended up at a bar that had a band and wouldn't you know it but the two girls who had called me earlier came in together. Here I was sitting with two of my buddies and three girls drinking beer. I was caught red handed. Making the best of what could be a bad situation I just went up to the two girls who were standing just inside the door watching us and said: "I know you both want to dance with me but you can't-at least not at the same time, so I'll just flip a coin and the winner gets me right off." So I flipped a coin, nodded to the winner, and took her out onto the dance floor.

Well----you get the picture. We were all ass holes and the women loved it. Now, speaking of pictures, here's two cartoons that I'd like to share. I know that they are horrible and gross, but face the facts, that's the way it is. But before all you women reading these cartoon strips get bent out of shape and decide to kidnap me and export me to Singapore or wherever all the world's worst criminals are sent, allow me to try to explain myself later on.


cartoon of dancer and leach boyfriend

Dirt and I did over 120 cartoon strips on the web site that loosely followed my novel, "Death on the Wild Side". Once in awhile we departed dramatically from the novel's plot which centers around the relationship between Frank Harring and a wild yet loveable stripper called Lori Mellon.

In this scene Frank is being stood up by another girl as he waits outside a club in his sports car.

There are drugs involved. But there doesn't have to be since a gal like Destiny is going to go for the scum bag every time. This one's physically repulsive, rude, and utterly selfish. A man like him is incapable of loving a woman. Still....Destiny's attracted to such men.

It doesn't seem to make sense. Why would a good looking woman like Destiny go for a man like this? And if something should happen to this one, she's going to replace him with another man from the same city dump.

Let's not pull any punches here. This is what's happening and if anyone thinks it isn't then just send me hate mail at And if you think this cartoon is bad just wait for the next one.

I had been wanting to do these cartoons for a long time and had told several members of the Lost Angels chat group the picture I wanted to present. A couple of my friends suggested that I didn't do it but Dirt and I did it anyway.

I wanted to present the legacy of a crime that is being committed countless times in families all across the nation in the most horrific graphical imagery we could create--cartoons that would capture the full immensity of the atrocities of uncles raping their nieces since they were six, of fathers screwing their daughters long before puberty or of a trusted family member's fist or foot striking a child's face shattering bones.

cartoon of dancer and boyfriend


Does Destiny really want the little punk in these cartoons or does she secretly want a man who's got it together? But she's too scared to take a chance on someone who can love her for what she is. Chances are Destiny is brighter than average. Most strippers are. Chances are she has a very outgoing personality. What man wouldn't want to have such a girl on his arm?

Girls like Destiny are very unlikely to enjoy a cup of coffee in a Parisien café with a man who really loves her. Destiny's future is rooted too deeply in her past. Do men like Frank make her feel uncomfortable? Is her concept of love the image she has of her father beating her mother senseless and this is what she thinks love is?

Did she become addicted as a child to surroundings where there is always a family crisis going on about her? Did she feel responsible while growing up for the verbal, physical, or sexual abuse going on all around her believing that somehow it was up to her to stop it? And since she couldn't she has to find similar surroundings where she can fix the people who most closely resemble those she couldn't fix as a child?

The tragedy is as a child Destiny was never responsible nor could she be expected to influence older family members whose lives had caved in long before she was born.

What we are seeing is millions of women, not just dancers, who seem to crave the beatings, who enthusiastically respond to being treated like dirt, and who are grabbing at turds instead of diamonds when they can ask much more out of life. The last scene of the second cartoon shows an exultant Destiny rubbing excrement over her arm thinking she's in love.

But is she really in love? As a good friend of mine once said-----"How can you know what the color green is when you have never seen it? You think red is green or orange or some other color." And once someone can finally distinguish the difference is that person likely to go back to her own familiar surroundings. I don't really know. I just like stirring shit up.


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