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by Jack Corbett


Why shop at the Jack Corbett Book Store   instead of 200 online bookstores all over the world? 

  1. Because I want to offer you the largest number of choices at a fair price in the widest variety of formats possible

  2. Online book stores are most likely not going to show you which versions of my books are best for you.

  3. All five of my books will be shipped to you by Amazon or Lulu so you will be giving your credit card  info to these two reputable companies. 

  4. Even the best book online resellers might offer you only a full color edition of one of my paperbacks for $40.00 when you really want a black and white edition for $13.95.

  5. At the Jack Corbett Book Store the choice is yours.  For all five books, whether you want your book in full color paperback, in a much more affordable black and white version, or epub or Kindle formatted Ebook.

  6. The Kindle formatted ebooks look and function sensationally on your smart phone provided you download the free Kindle reader from Amazon.

  7. Downloading the free Kindle reader for your smart phone just might be one of the best moves you can make because you can now use your smart phone for thousands of Kindle formatted ebooks from Amazon from now on.  Think of all those hours of boredom you spend waiting at a doctor's office, for someone who's late for an appointment, in line, etc.  With your smart phone and the Amazon Kindle Reader you can have an entire library in your pocket.  


And now, here' the books, starting with the latest--Life of an Exotic Entertainment Photographer, now available as a state of the art ebook for your Kindle or smartphone (provided you get the free kindle reader ap at amazon).

book cover for Life of an Exotic Entertainment Photographer

book cover Pattaya Pattaya Pattaya

Pattaya Pattaya Pattaya Confessons of Sin City tells the inner secrets of a group of expats  congregating at Big Dicks bar on Pattaya's infamous Soi 6.  Meanwhile the new Russian chairman of the Fun House mysteriously dies in the condo swimming pool.  The Russian mafia is the most likely suspect.  But all is not well at the Fun House.  1 million baht is embezzled from the condo co-owners and it is up to Frank and Fast Eddy to get it back

You can buy it at in paperback and Kindle. 

Click here to get it in Paperback

Click here to get the Kindle version for your Kindle or Smart Phone.  

Back Cover Extreme Guns and Babes

Extreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World

There's never been a gun book like this one before. 

Click here to buy it at Amazon in the Kindle ebook edition.

Or here in full color paperback at Amazon

Or in the Amazon black and white version.


New fourth edition from  The new edition is only available in black and white but it has  the most sensational covers I have ever created.   (the front cover looks far better than it does in the image above). You can buy it today at for only $15.95.  You can also get it in epub although I personally prefer the Kindle version from Amazon which will work great on your smart phone. 

I do not recommend the full color Amazon edition unless you want absolutely the best color images inside the book.  But the printing cost is prohibitedly high.  Expect to pay around $40.00. 


Death on the Wild Side front cover

Death on the Wild Side

the only novel about the East St. Louis Strip  Clubs


Click here to buy the paperback version from Amazon

Or here for the Amazon Kindle version


Welcome to the Fun House Book Cover

Welcome to the Fun House Set in Pattaya Thailand, world's most hedonist city

In this Funhouse community of retirees misbehavior never ends.


Click here to buy the paperback edition from Amazon

Click here to buy the Kindle verson from Amazon. 


cover for Dick Fitswell

Dick Fitwell, The Man in Quest of the Perfect Fit


Over the top sexual episodes leads to some of the most outrageous satire you will ever read.


On Sale at Amazon

Click here to buy the Paperback edition from Amazon

Click here to buy it in Kindle (remember, it will work and look sensationally  on your smart phone if you download the free Kindle Reader from Amazon.


Click here to go to the Jack Corbett Author Page at Amazon




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