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March 2003 Predictions

For most of you 2003 will be a welcome reprieve from 2002.... Anything is better than last year.... If you had a great year in 2002.... Fuck you !!! I'll do anything in my power so that this year is not a kiss-my-ass happy re-run of some "Leave It To Beaver" episode that would make my dick soft wacking to my favorite Disney porn !!!! Gracious me ... Was I raving ? ....


1) I still cannot be President.... Not the United States, not the local 4-H club... Sorry about the sheep thing , Jack dared me !!!!
2) My articles will be AT LEAST one day late no matter when I write them (sorry Jack)....
3) I will continue to be fucked by the technology God Appleanus ( I hate this iMac piece of shit, but my Microshit cluster fuck .... (Please see last sentence in intro and once again I apologize)
4) I will learn not to apologize or at least how to spell it...( where's the spell check on this piece of shit?)...
5) We will all have another birthday unless I hang myself with this cable no one seems to know what it does...
6) Iraq-niphobia will obsess the spineless who won't just " PUSH THE FUCKING BUTTON".... Did I mention I won't be President in 2003?...
7) If I get married , I'll get divorced... (again)

OK enough with the predicktions (intentionally mispelled for a change) ... Let's cut to the chase... (What the fuck does that mean anyway?)

March, 2003


It is here where you cannot escape
the eternal truth being revealed


Somethings holding you back from doing something cool... Make up your fucking mind and remember no one loves you... Stand up for yourself for a change but people question your motivation and rightly so... You still think anyone that talks to you wants you..If you want to buy love, you stand a better percentage of luck
getting a hooker...


Aries You'll be chasing someone you think you can connect with... Save
your money, don't waste it on contraceptives because it ain't
happening... Go to the adult book store and get a toy for yourself
or spend an hour or two in the whack boothes... "Beware the Glory


Scorpio You are psychic at the beginning of the month... So look into that crystal ball and realize you want that unfamiliar zone that's been offered to you even if you don't admit it... Know what's up in business so you come out looking smoothe... Jump on that secret liason before it's too late and you regret the rest of your life...And I mean jump them...


Taurus You have some killer ideas this month... This is the month to make
those ideas fun... I got an idea... Why not harness that
brainstorm so it doesn't turn into a brainfart !!! Do something for
humanity ... Like put out for a change... Pizza ain't cheap!!!


Be careful or you will get fucked in a business arrangement early in the month... You keep too many secrets and expectpeople to spill
their guts to you... Quid Pro Quo and "put the lotion in the fucking basket"!!!

GeminiYou should have a fun month... You'll complete that "Shit List"...
The Sagittarius moon is mind expanding, so drop some acid... Yellow
moons, pink hearts, green clovers, and the purple helmet are your
Lucky Charms to a great month

CapricornYour Get your head out of your ass... You might accidentally accomplish something... Don't take shit personally, accept apologies, and get
real... Pull something legit out of your ass at the end of the month...

CancerYour good nature is probably going to let you see some bitchin' shit
this month... But make sure you got the lube handy because someone
new may have their eye on your 'nargy hole'... If you're into it ,
make sure they use a ribbed condom for " more traction in the
dirt"!!! POOP CHUTE !!!

Aquarius Happy Birthday Fuckers !!!

Your analitical, know-it-all bullshit will be set aside when you become a blubbering piece of shit mid-month... Let it out, get over it, and give back all the shit you borrowed from me this last year, Bitch!!!

Leo Your show-off ass is looking for something spiritual... 666
...There that's as close as you'll ever get... Give me a break
you'll fuck over a family member AGAIN and think you're right...
Suck a fart out of my ass!!! Gramma doesn't deserve it...


Pisces You could accomplish some magnificant artistic endevours this month... That is if you get your lazy, prima-donna ass off the
couch... Maybe you should just take "credit" forother peoples work like you usually do... You're a fucking parasite crawling from the
anus of society !!!


VirgoYou'll be generous and caring at the first of the month... Then,
like the player you are, you'll try to bang the rest of the
volunteers at the soup kitchen... Stay the fuck out of peoples
heads because when they realize you've been playing them...Whoa,
beware the suicide bomber, you sack of shit...





Until next time.... Look to the stars and shoot the moon....

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