Where did the Xtreme Weapons Guns
and Babes strippers Come from


 Still unsurpassed

  "We had, "Xtreme",  a top notch adult magazine sweetening
 the pot by offering any model  I photographed instant exposure,
credits and notoriety."  

Jack Corbett

Where the models came from on the map

This map shows where each stripper, topless dancer model posed for
her Extreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World pictures

We traveled all over the United States to get the most sinsational models to pose for 24 gun articles.   Most came from gentlemen's clubs and strip clubs.  Others were feature entertainers we met while photographing topless clubs, feature showcases and other adult industry eye popping events such as Nudes-A-Poppin.  Some of our models are nationally known nude entertainment stars such as Jada Deville, Leah Layne, and Brittany Love.  Others are house dancers coming out of nowhere such as Mirage who we met waitressing at Club Maximus who would later win the Miss Texas West Pageant in Abilene against a field of established feature entertainers.  All were unforgettable.  What follows is who made the Xtreme Weapons gun articles happen and where they came from.


Jack Corbett---That's me.  I wrote the stories and shot all the pictures

Vic Meyer--Vic became one of the three partners for the Xtreme Weapons 2004 gun calendar who would risk his own hard earned money in the venture with Xtreme Magazine and me.  I met Vic at a gun show in Collinsville, Il.  When "Xtreme Magazine" and I agreed on my doing a gun article on the M-1 Garand, I jumped on the opportunity as an excuse to buy my own M-1 rifle from Vic at the gun show.   Vic proved to be a terrific source for military weapons of all types, including fully automatic weapons.  If he didn't have one, his gun dealer friends did, all the way up to a Browning 50 caliber machine gun, Thompsons, full auto M-16's and AK-47's to name just a few.  A computer programmer by profession, Vic moonlighted as a gun dealer who was fully licensed to sell both full auto and non automatic weapons.  His idyllic Missouri country home became an unexcelled site for testing the weapons as well as bringing the entertainer-models down for photo shoots.  Between Vic and myself, we brought enough weapons down to the Tommy Gunn woods near Big Al's to equip an entire gentlemen's club resulting in Serenna Starr, Carrie Bare and Kelly Taylor for the most stupendous babes and guns photo shoot ever.

Xtreme Magazine--I'd wind up writing nearly 100 magazine articles for Xtreme, an East Coast adult magazine out of New Britain, Connecticut.  For several years I could virtually guarantee any girl a photo shoot for Xtreme provided she had the requisite good looks and was willing to model with whatever firearm I chose for her.  Since the name of the game for adult entertainers is to acquire credits from winning pageants and gaining exposure in adult magazines, this meant that dancers from all over the United States were willing to provide me with unlimited photographic opportunities while traveling hundreds of miles to get to the photo shoots.  The peak of the Babes and Guns Photo shoots came with the arrival of the 2004 Xtreme Weapons Calendar, which was a joint project between Xtreme Magazine, Vic Meyer and myself. 

The Clubs that helped make the photo shoots possible.

Big Daddy's Cabaret--Near Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri, my close friendship with Big Daddy made it possible to shoot pictures of his best dancers, notably Selena and Harley who modeled for the Springfield 1903 and Carmen who posed with the 50 Caliber Browning Machine gun at Vic Meyer's country home.

Big Louie's---Within several miles of Big Daddy's Cabaret it  was here that I did the photo shoot of Jada Deville right on the strip club stage with the AK-47 assault rifle.

Big Al's in Peoria, Illinois---While shooting my 3rd Pure Talent Feature Showcase of 15 feature entertainers from all over the United States, I was able to convince Carrie Bare, Serenna Starr, and Kelly Taylor into getting up early for a well attended series of photo shoots on Tommy Gunn's farm a few miles outside Peoria. Vic Meyer joined me with additional weapons.  Jim Hayek one of the Pure Talent owners (the other owner is his wife, Anne Marie), joined us as well as a professional makeup artist as other photographers joined us for the action. 

Club Maximus in Wichita, Texas---This club hired me three times to shoot their Miss Texas Pageants.  I did the Winchester rifle photo shoot of Montana Steele on the club's stage.  The next year a number of feature entertainers and I stayed at the general manager's house where I did photos shoots of Damien Davidson, Darien Ross and Mirage with my M-1 and Springfield M-1 rifles and an AK-47. 

The PT's Clubs in the Saint Louis Metro East--I was able to get a number of my models from Pt's Sports and Pt's Roxy's including Chandra, Taylor and Marley and felt I got a lot of support from this organizations excellent management team. 

The Candy Store in Mobile Alabama

Did the photo shoot of Brittany Love at the club owner's home in Mobile. 


The girls, their weapons and where they came from

Adina Winters

Ruger Sp 101

Lake Tahoe area, California



45 Colt Single Action Army

Saint Louis Metro East, Illinois


Thompson submachine gun

Pt's Sports St. Louis Metro East, Belleville gun range


Walther PPK

Pt's Roxys.  St. Louis Metro East


M-1 Carbine

Pt's Roxy's.  St. Louis Metro East


50 Caliber Browning machine gun

Big Daddy's Cabaret Dixon, Missouri.  Shoot at Vic Meyer's


Springfield 03

Big Daddy's Cabaret, Dixon, Missouri shoot at the 000 River


Sprngfield 03

Big Daddy's Cabaret, Dixon, Missouri, shoot at the 000 River

Jada Deville


Jada's from Florida. Shoot was on the Big Louie's strip club stage



Near Wichita Falls, Texas.  Club Maximus

Damien Davidson

M-1 Garand

Photo shoot at the general manager's home near Club Maximus in Texas. Damien's from Vicksburg, Mississippi

Darien Ross

M-14--Springfield M-1 A

Darien is from the Chicago, IL area.  First shoot with M-15 fully automatic M-14.  2nd with M-1 A Springfield near Club Maximus in Texas at the manager's home

Darien Ross

1861 Springfield Civil War Rifle

Nudes-A-Poppin.   Indiana. 

Arianna a Del

M-16 rifle

Arianna drove all the way to my apartment from Louisville Kentucky before modeling with the M-16 at Vic Meyer's home in Missouri

Carrie Bare

M-16 rifle

Carrie's from Wisconsin. She did the shoot at Tommy Gunn's farm near Big Al's in Peoria, IL

Kelly Taylor

Russian Dragonuv sniper's rifle

Kellly's from Baltimore Maryland.  Did the shoot near Big Al's

Serenna Star

FAL Battle Rifle

Serenna would become later win the coveted Miss Nude World title.  She posed with the rifle near Big Al's in Tommy Gunn's woods.

Dirty Heather

.357 magnum Colt Python

Heather's from Iowa.  She did this photo shoot at my apartment in Collinsville, IL

Machine Gun Heather

Browning 1919 30 caliber machine gun

Heather would come back for more visits from Iowa.  But she did the machine gun photo shoots at Vic Meyer's home in Missouri

Leah Layne

Tec 9

Leah's from Michigan.  Won the Miss Nude Illinois pageant at Big Al's before she met me.  She did the Tec 9 photo shoot after driving down to my Collinsville, IL apartment from Michigan

Pleasure & Paine

Browning 1919 30 caliber machine gun

Mother and daughter stripper duo from Columbus Ohio, Pleasure and Paine drove down to my Collinsville apartment. The next day they did the photo shoot at Vic Meyers in Missouri

Montana Steele

Winchester Lever Action rifle

After winning Club Maximus's Miss Texas at their Wichita Falls club Montana did the photo shoot on the club's stage.  Montana's  from Louisville, Kentucky.

Brittany Love

Ruger Mini-14

Brittany shot the Mini 14 pictures at the club owner's home at the Candy Store in Mobile, Alabama.  Brittany's from Georgia. 

Lolly Tops

SKS Russian assault rifle

Not sure where Lolly is from, but I met her while she was performing at the first M.S. Texas pageant at Wichita Falls TX as Club Maximus.  She drove to my Collinsville apartment with her boyfriend . They spent the night after hitting a few clubs with me and did the photo shoot the next day in the St.  Louis Metro East.


Kentucky Rifle

Originally from the St. Louis area, Amy was dancing in Iowa when I met her.   She did the photo shoot with the Kentucky just outside Staunton, IL at  Norm Ishmari's farm. 


98 German Mauser WWII rifle

Kiara was dancing for the Lumber Yard in Des Moines, IA when I met her.  She came down to my apartment in Collinsville to pose with the rifle and a 40 pound White Tiger club. 


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