Gina new dancer at Stimmelators
Jack Corbett

Gina new dancer

Here at Stimmelators it is hard to get the measure of the new girls you are meeting for the first time.   Some are shy, wanting to take pictures, while others suddenly appear, introducing themselves right off the get go.  

That first night we came in started off a little slow.  Sam had just brought Aleena over to Philip and me which meant the pictures would start with her.   Suddenly, with Aleena in the dressing room, a woman appeared I had never met before.  Within half an hour I was taking pictures of Gina.

That first night seven entertainers would pose before my camera. I was soon covered up.  

Meanwhile, my sidekick, Philip21, was taking his time, enjoying his scotch and the companionship of several girls he found interesting.   I noticed that one of them was Gina.  Afterwards, Philip would comment to me,  "I am not very interested in the shy ones and those who have little to say.  Gina's aggressive and all over the place, going from customer to customer, doing everything the girls are supposed to be doing.  I wish there were more like her."

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