The perfect Stimmelators package, a dressed or undressed Marriah
by Jack Corbett

Marriah with blue Pasties on her nipples

Models or dancers for that matter just don't come any better than Marriah.  We just didn't know how good she'd get that first time she posed for my camera.   In rapid succession three pretty brunettes, all shapely, got into the shoots, but that was over two years ago and Baron had jokingly called all three girls, the rookies.

One of the girls seemed to freeze before each picture.   Although cute she seemed ill at ease.  The other girl we have long since forgotten about.   Then there was Marriah who carried the day but we didn't take that many pictures that night.   Was it just a few months later---or a year after that when we tried it again?

I clicked the shutter on the Kodak DC-40 digital camera thirty-eight times as she moved quickly from one pose to another in front of the mirrors that night.   The whole thing didn't take more than five minutes.  Afterwards as we went over the images on the laptop we found only two bad ones out of the thirty-eight.   She knew what she was doing and the camera loved her to death.

Twice Marriah drove from Stimmelators Topless Club over to Fort Wayne to be with our little group in the clubs.   Later on she would join two of the other girls in a visit to the Corbett farm and the St Louis Metro East Clubs proving once and for all that she's one to try out new places and adventures.   But when you watch her dance, you know she's one of the best, and still getting better.


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