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Jack Corbett

FlickJan Stimmelators bartender

Just a little editorializing here.   Everyone's constantly talking up how important the entertainers are to the success of today's gentlemen's club and don't get me wrong, they are.   Too often the club's staff is not given enough credit.  Having a great staff is just as important as having and keeping the best dancers.  

For one thing patrons of any club are constantly having to deal with the club's bartenders, waitresses, DJ's, and doormen.   How they are treated by these key personnel forms not only a lasting impression but also a feeling  of ambience that stays with them throughout their entire club visit. 

Having a high quality staff is even more important for a club like Stimmelators Gentlemen's Club which has its own unique management style.   Sam Stimmel, the club's owner, unlike many other club owners is hands on.   Incredibly hard working and intimately involved in the day to day operation of the club, Sam has dispensed with having a General Manager, a position that is essential to fill for the club that has absentee ownership.  In fact, Sam doesn't have managers.

Instead he relies heavily upon a staff whose authority is unquestioned by both entertainers and customers.   With the Mothers for a More Boring Nation never sleeping at night in their efforts to close clubs down all across the U.S. it is more essential than ever for a club owner to have the club's rules followed by both its dancers and customers. 

Whenever he hires a new dancer, Sam goes over the club's rules meticulously with the prospective entertainer, making sure she understands the rules.   He then delegates to his staff members the responsibility of enforcing the rules.   All staff members have access to critique sheets on which they can write up any dancer who breaks the club's rules.   And if a customer drinks too much or misbehaves Sam will back to the hilt any staff member who calls the customer to the carpet. 

To find out more about several key figures of the Stimmelators staff click on the thumbnails below of Jan, a pretty bartender, and the two club's DJ's, Flick and Rick.   


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