Stimmelators Gentlemen's Club of North Webster, Indiana

by Jack Corbett


Stimmelators, is a topless club set in idyllic surroundings in North Webster, Indiana that delivers the best a man could want. It's not only a gentlemen's club in the truest sense of the word, a place where gentlemen from all walks of life can have a good time, but also where women can  feel right at home,  whether having just a few drinks or catching the acts of male dancers on stage. There are places you can still go where you can go and be yourself while leaving all the pretense behind for others to exhibit in lesser places. There was a period of time, distantly remembered by some, not experienced by many, a time recalled best in the saloons and dance halls of the Old West when a man felt he deserved the best---and insisted on getting it.


Back in those days a man came off the trail after spending many long weeks herding cattle or he came from out East looking for a new life on the new frontier. Men and women from all walks of life leaving their pasts behind them--cowboys, shopkeepers, entrepreneurs, miners, lumber men, farmers, saloon girls, gamblers, lawmen, and desperados. Together they created a new world but in doing so they planted the seeds for its own destruction.


As that world became more and more civilized millions of men and women came out from beneath their rocks to tell the rest of us how to live, where we could spend our time and how to distinguish right from wrong. The modern gentlemens club is the last vestige of those Old West days, of those bygone saloons and dance halls where a man or woman could breath easily and simply enjoy---being alive.


Stimmelators is the best of the breed being run by a true gentleman who has made it his mission to deliver the absolute finest a club can provide.


These pages have been created by Jack Corbett, a published writer and photographer with the permission of Stimmelators to work in concert with the official Stimmelators web site, together with his many accomplices.Feel free to wander through this site knowing it represents an independent view of Stimmelators, its owner, and his other businesses from the perspective of a writer and photographer from another state.





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