Trendy Toilet Sex at the Washington Park Dollies Playhouse


Sister Margarita played by Dollies Playhouse topless dancer, Alabama continues her antics in strip club bathroom



by Jack Corbett


"I like the guy,"  Sister Margarita said to herself.  "Seems to have that derelict look I like." 


Suddenly Hawk looked up and saw the nun in the bathroom with him. 


At first surprised to see a lady of the cloth in a men's room at a strip club, he calms down quickly.  After all, the nun is long legged and pretty.  Besides, she has a bottle and he wants a little of that. 


The two have a great time frolicking in the men's room when suddenly, another man appears.  Not knowing what to think about Hawk and the nun he starts to shave himself hoping to make a favorable impression on his favorite dancer.   The nun proves to be irresistible.   She's not had this much fun in years and he too succumbs to her charms.   And then the others come in, one after another.  Men and women both, hearing the commotion in the bathroom and not wanting to be left out, they join in the festivities. 


Somehow Sister Margarita makes it back to the convent.  And she vows to return and the sooner the better. 


Nun in strip club toilet Sister Margarita sitting on Dollies Playhouse toilet

 picture of topless dancer Alabama in nun outift  Alabama playing the nun to topless club toiletstrippers in topless club toilet

 customer and dancer in topless club bathroom  Fun and games in Washington Park strip club toilet Dollies Trendy Toilet Sex antics in strip club toilet 


Dollies Trendy Toilet Sex II--Introducing Sister Cuervo, the second nun 


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