The Looking Glass Magazine Martial Arts vs Boxing Issue
January 2006

Featuring Martial Arts  Boxing and the M1 rifle, still unequalled after 80 years, and an arousing video of sexy Pattaya bar girls that will convince you to book your ticket to Thailand immediately


Who’s the better fighter–the Martial arts
expert or the pure boxer?

by Jack Corbett

Martial Arts disciplines perfected in the Orient such as Karate, Taekwondo, Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) look great in the movies and sell lots of tickets, and long expensive courses for the children of the Affluent, but are they are good as classical boxing.  Who wins, the good boxer or the martial arts expert?  Read all about it here while experiencing the video as four Western boxers pit their skills against four Thai Muay Thai kick boxers. 

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Pattaya Unveiled

Everyone's calling Pattaya, Thailand as the world's number one Disneyland for adults. But some simply call it Paradise.  We've published this video before in the Looking Glass, but now we've decided to celebrate the New Year by offering it once again.  As for the guy singing the duet with  Mary and the Blues Machine at the Blues Factory, that's our pal, Big Daddy.  You can meet him in the U.S. in Dotham, Alabama where he owns a strip club, Teaser's Rock Hard Cabaret. 


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Born in the U.S.A. and think you've got it made?  If you are single, you could be on the worse place on earth for meeting or having the best babes.   Many cognoscenti believe that if there's a Paradise on earth for the American wanting to upgrade Thailand is the answer.  Check out our Looking Glass pages to find out more how to make your dreams a reality.


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Lender Loving Care

Loving Tender Care

They give it to the man in Thailand, while in the West women have learned to look and  behave like men while wanting the things men want.  So here's the upshot in this one.  My neighbor from the small island of Guernsey, A British territory just off the Coast of France has cracked his ribs.  So in front of the  Sky-Top Guest House, the girls surround him as if they are almost trying to outdo each other to give him lots of tender loving care. 

Night out on the Town

Jack, Spicy, PlOne, David, Nang, Beam, at the Jimmie Bar partying with the girls here.  For a close look into one of Pattaya's most fun beer bars, check this video out.  



M-1 target

Accuracy, Power, Reliability, and best battle sights ever put on a military rifle, click on the picture for the explanation that explains all, then click on the M-1 article

Pattaya at Night by Jack Corbett

Most of this video is from the top of the Hotel, 27 stories up.  Here you can see the wide expansiveness of Pattaya now literally exploding with new construction everywhere.  27 stories is way up there but there are new projects planned for 50 and even 60 story skyscrapers.  This video concludes at the Jimmie Bar. 


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