M1 Garand Accuracy at 100 yards

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M-1 Target

We tested the M1 Garand Accuracy at 100 yards with iron sights.  My nephew used this target to sight in my M1 Garand.  Previously I had adjusted the sights at only 25 yards at the gun range, so the windage was spot on.
But as I would have expected, the Garand shot high at 100 yards so after firing two rounds my nephew adjusted the M-1's sights to lower his point of impact.  Still shooting high, he once again adjusted the sights to pull his rounds dead center resulting in three in the center ring.

One of the beauties of the M1 is that it has so much power and penetration that your adversary might be choosing a barricade to protect him only to find out that the 30--06 military rounds go right through it.   Example in point is that the Belleville gun range will only allow shooters to fire 30-06 ammo so long as they are not military steel jacketed bullets.  The reason why is such bullets were engineered to penetrate through lightly armored vehicles and will penetrate the steel backstops at most gun ranges.  When I was just 12 years old and tried out my Springfield for the first time I found out that the military armor piercing rounds would go right through trees up to three feet in diameter. 

Considering my nephew as not using a scope this is terrific real world accuracy, especially when you consider that the M1 delivers 8 rounds as fast as you can pull the trigger with low recoil.   



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