M1 Garand, the twentieth Century's greatest battle rifle
by Jack Corbett

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The M-1 does my talking
General Patton, perhaps the most controversial and brilliant armored warfare tactician during the Second World War, called the M1 Garand  "the greatest battle implement ever devised".  The M1 gave American infantrymen vastly greater firepower over his German and Japanese enemies with unparalleled  reliability and accuracy,  and it continued to serve throughout the Korean War, and onto the Vietnam War as the M14, which was basically an upgraded M1.   And in the war topless dancer Skie firing M-1 Garand

n Iraq the M-14 rifle is still being used in situations where its 22 caliber successors are deficient.  But sixty years ago, the main battle rifle of every major combatant during World War II was the bolt action although the German Army deployed large numbers of submachine guns in order to increase the short range firepower of its fighting men. The Russian Army by the second half of the war had nearly completely replaced its aging bolt action rifles with submachine guns which provided the Russian foot soldier with unprecedented short range firepower. In spite of our equipping our soldiers with a variety of small arms it was the M-1 rifle which bore the brunt of most of the fighting. Weighing 9 pounds unloaded the M1 fired eight shots of powerful 30-06 ammo as fast as a man could pull the trigger. It could be reloaded quickly from eight round clips, shoot through five or six men if they stood in a row and nearly always put a man down with just one shot. The M1 was so accurate that it replaced the bolt action as a sniper's rifle and today it is still being used in 1,000 yard matches. Ask any World War II or Korean War veteran who had actually seen combat what weapon he'd choose and you will see his eyes glisten over as he replies, "The M1 Garand." Firing one for the first time would be firing a legend while reliving a piece of our History. Luckily I had new recruit, Skie along, one of the prettiest girls to ever dance on a St Louis Metro East stage,. Her assignment would be to handle the submachine gun.  

New recruit Skie had just turned twenty two days before we hit the Belleville, Illinois shooting range. A quick witted willowy five foot six blonde, I had seen her dance enough to find her to be a splendid physical specimen. Her first weapon would be the new H & K MP5 submachine gun which represents the current state of the art in submachine guns, which is rapidly replacing the Uzi in police and special forces world wide.

Jack Corbett firing M-1 rifleIn my hands the MP5 was short and light, feeling like a finely crafted German toy with the precision of a BMW. In the front room of the gun range, Jim, a police officer, who moonlights working at the gun range with another police officer, briefed us on how to operate both the MP5 and much larger and heavier M1. Taking one look at the 30-06 ammo I brought with me, Jim shook his head and told me I couldn't use it since it was armor piercing and would go through the range's steel backstop. I ended up getting a good deal on some 30-06 ammo that wouldn't.

New recruit Skie took immediately to the MP5 as she would to every weapon that she would wind up firing. Although inexperienced with guns Skie would later keep all her shots inside an area of a man's fist with my Python revolver at thirty-five feet. She moved the MP5's three position selector lever from "safe" to semi auto. After putting all her shots in the man sized silhouette target's mid section I advised her to move the selector to full auto. "Aim at where the target's balls would be," I told her. Then just let the gun's recoil move your point of impact up into its chest area. It should do it without your having to do a thing since it's on full auto."

Her first two or three shots on full auto would have castrated a real man. Her first bursts put five our six 9 mm slugs into the target before she could release the trigger. The last shots hit the silhouette's right side which meant that she was allowing the recoil of the MP5 to twist the gun to her right. I took the clip out and added a few rounds, then handed the gun back to her, telling her to let the MP5 recoil upwards instead of up and to the right.

Now this raw recruit Skie's quite a gem and I'm not telling anybody where she lives. Catching on immediately she managed to keep all her shots centered on what she was aiming at. She got onto the gun's trigger, limiting her bursts to just three or four rounds, which is considered ideal in combat. But she kept hitting the silhouette where a man's balls would have been. The submachine gun's muzzle just wasn't climbing as much I had expected it to. "Forget shooting it in the testicles," I told her. Center on its belly or chest."  

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