Club 64's Angel
by Jack Corbett

Angel from Club 64

There is a reason why so many of the pictures you see here are so much alike.   And that reason is the overall pursuit of excellence by Frank and Sherry Marcella, the owners of Club 64, for getting that perfect picture of each entertainer that will attract the attention of motorists passing Club 64 on Route 3 on their way to and from Brooklyn, Illinois.  At times one or both of the owners  mercilessly hounded Angel and the other girls to achieve just the right pose and just the right look for my camera.  Sherry would help each girl get her makeup and hair just right.  Later, while I was shooting the pictures, either Sherry or Frank would tell the girls how to pose, what they were doing wrong, and what they were doing right, which obviously would have made some of the models more than a little nervous.  It was hard work for all concerned, but then again, how many club owners or entertainers work this hard to elevate both their club and themselves to that lofty pedestal most other clubs wouldn't even think of trying to reach?


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