Leah Layne--Modern Goddess
by Jack Corbett

Leah Layne naked

My phone interview of feature entertainer Leah Layne for "Xtreme Magazine" became a twenty-four visit from the former Miss Nude Illinois. 

When I published the article for Xtreme I called it, "Twenty-four hours in Leah Layne Land" because when you've been around Leah Layne for this long, the experience is like an unforgettable trip to an exotic island one can hardly imagine.

Leah Layne featuring at Big Daddy's Cabaret
Leah Layne is the referee for the first S.P.E.W. (Sexy Professional Exotic Wrestling)  match between Dirty Heather and Killer Kloey at Big Daddy's Cabaret.  See her in video along with the two naked dancers slithering after each other in hot oil and experience her in a nude photo shoot shot at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas


Leah Layne on stage in PhiladelphiaLeah Layne feature entertaining

Xtreme Magazine feature profile of Leah Layne

Page 2 of Xtreme Magazine article by Jack Corbett


Leah Layne refereeing Sexy Professional Exotic WrestlingLeah Layne refereeing S.P.E.W. wrestling matchLeah Layne referee at Nude Wrestling MatchLeah Layne at Big Daddy's Cabaret
Leah Layne refereeing stripper wrestling matchLeah Layne referee of hot oil wrestling matchLeah Layne referees Death Match 1Leah Layne counts out nude female wrestler


Haven't seen enough of Leah Layne yet? Then  click here to see even more of our favorite femme fatale. Or check her out in Jack Corbett's Shootout at Peter's Corral in which she poses with a Tec-9 machine pistol


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The video of Dirty Heather wrestling against Killer Kloey in the first S.P.E.W. (Sexy Professional Exotic Wrestling) match and the nude photo shoot of Leah Layne are available only in the S.P.E.W. section of the Looking Glass Magazine Forum but you just register for a free membership to view the photo shoot pictures or the S.P.E.W. videos


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