Dick Fitswell makes his move on the minister's wife
by Jack Corbett


Dick Fitswell proves that Golgoltha,  skull hill, where Jesus Christ was crucified is now an Arab bus station


Teaching Sunday school to a group of college aged kids was the hardest thing Dick Fitswell had ever done. "I’ve gotta keep my dick in my pants awhile longer," he said to himself, feeling the cute blonde’s eyes on him as he explained the next week’s program.

At first the minister’s wife came into his class with her husband who wanted to be sure that the new Sunday school teacher followed both his moral guidelines and his ideas of how and what to cover during class. Lately she had been coming in alone. "And I really can’t blame her," Dick Fitswell thought. "I am a lot more exciting than her nitwit of a husband." Although he found that several of the young girls made him get an erection, it was the minister’s wife he really wanted. Tall and slender, Linda had a model’s legs and long blonde hair that flowed past her shoulders. Dick had a hunch that she’d make the perfect fit and even if she wasn’t, he had decided that she was a far greater challenge and rewarding prize in the end than the tight butted college girls in his class.------to be continued in the book which you can buy in paperback or two e reader formats from Amazon and lulu.com  


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