Dick Fitswell meets Howie the Duck
by Jack Corbett

Dick Fitswell humping the swan

While just a twelve year old boy Dick Fitwell gets his early childhood sexual experiences with barn yard animals under Howard the Duck's tutelage. 

"Mr. Fitswell, I want you to meet Dr. Kwan," Dick Fitswell's Chinese doctor announced as he gingerly guided a Chinese woman in her early thirties to Dick Fitswellís bedside. "Iíve done all I can. Iíve repaired all the burnt and cut tissue on your penis. Itís taken a month. Weíve had you in physical therapy but Iíll be very honest with you. Your dick still doesnít work and I donít think itís going to work until you have gone through some very extensive psychological therapy and even then all we can do is to hope for the best."

"What do you mean, hope for the best?" Dick Fitswell asked the doctor. "It has to work. I wonít be a man without my penis being fully functional at its 15 inch limit." Dick Fitswell studied Dr. Kwan, carefully noting her slender build, long raven hair, and ferret like eyes behind glasses that gave her a studious look. "Sheíd be a goer alright. With the right man plugged into her," Dick Fitswell noted------to be continued in the book which you can buy in paperback or two e reader formats from Amazon and lulu.com




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Story by Jack Corbett.  Art work done by Scott Waggoner, webmaster at  Nugrafix which you can visit at


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