Dick Fitswell in Hong Kong
by Jack Corbett

Fitswell's Dream

Dick Fitswell heads down to Hong Kong's Suzie Wong district to take advantage of  culturally deprived Chinese Women


Seen from the large windows of the Pink Giraffe nightclub twenty stories up, the view of the Hong Kong harbor is breath taking. One of the three busiest ports in the world Hong Kong is considered one of the most spectacular and romantic cities in the world. The scene of countless movies and the setting for hundreds of books Hong Kong cemented a well deserved reputation as a bridge where the East meets the West where goods of every description can be bought--a shoppers paradise unequaled in the world. Now numbering eight million inhabitants, the city never sleeps, a hub of human activity unrivaled in most of the world. From the Pink Giraffe one sees hundreds of boats and ships of every size in the harbor. The Queen Mary, one of the largest and most luxurious ocean liners is anchored less than a mile from the Pink Giraffe. Close by are Chinese junks, at first appearance rickety wooden cabin cruisers deserving of the name and description, junks. Hundred foot yachts of the super rich mingle with the other boats and ships. The Pink Giraffe and much of Hong Kong's hotels and shopping are on the Kowloon side of the harbor. Dominating the harbor looms Victoria Peak, over 1600 feet straight up with its tram transporting tourists to the British style restaurant at the top. There the wealthiest Chinese in the city live in their opulent mansions, their Rolls Royce's parked outside or locked away in garages. Below Victoria Peak are some of the finest hotels in the world, many built by the Brits as enduring monuments to style out of concrete, glass, and wood that blends the old world with the ultra modern. Shimmering in the light with its panorama bristling with water, tall buildings and expressways, Hong Kong is unforgettable. Only one thing existed on its landscape this night of July 15th, 1999 to mar this bright jewel and that was Dick Fitswell, prowling through the Suzie Wong district (where most of the cities prostitutes live) in his never ending quest for the perfect fit------to be continued in the book which you can buy in paperback or two e reader formats from Amazon and lulu.com

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Copyrighted by Jack Corbett.  Graphics by Scott Waggoner, NUGRAFIX