Dick Fitswell goes skiing at Sun Valley, Idaho
by Jack Corbett

Dick Fitswell picks up hot babe in the chairlift line

"No more biker women for me or strippers. I deserve a vacation. After all, I'm Dick Fitswell, and I haven't found the perfect fit yet. Itís Sun Valley for me, and if it was good enough for Hemingway and Gary Cooper it might be good enough for me and my 18 inch dick, which from now on I am going to call Caesar. After all, I have come to bury Caesar not to praise him.  I'll just have to see what the women can do for me in this icebox."

"Shot down. I can't believe it. But it helps to know how to ski. I fell down seventeen times on the first run down Baldy yesterday. No one was impressed. But I got a plan. Yesterday people were laughing at me. Today I will have the best looking babe I can find feeling sorry for me. Don't believe me? Just watch. And that, my friends, is going to get me laid."

-----to be continued in the book which you can buy in paperback or two e reader formats from Amazon and lulu.com


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