The Looking Glass Magazine Ponderosa Sun Ranch Issue
September 2002


Nudes-A-Poppin awards

Return to Exhibitionism--2002 Nudes-A-Poppin

Over 100 naked entertainers compete in Roselawn, Indiana Nudes-A-Poppin at Ponderosa Sun Ranch, a year round nudist colony. The opening picture shows the feature entertainers who won the top prizes. Published in the September issue of "Xtreme Magazine" is Jack Corbett's July outing. Two of the nude feature entertainers in the picture will go out of their way for extensive photo shoots with Jack to become part of Xtreme Magazine's classic tales and articles. Guess who they are? Then tune into future issues of the Looking Glass for more of their pictures along with the forthcoming articles in "Xtreme Magazine" in which they will appear.

Alpha Productions Exotic Photo
We specialize in exotic photography and web site design for Feature entertainers, dancers aspiring to become features, and for gentlemen's clubs.

Especially for Dancers--Events, Feature Talent Showcases, etc.

Pure Talent, Continental, or another top talent agency having a "Feature Showcase" or contest? If you are at all interested in featuring this is one of your finest opportunities to make the connections that count. Or how about those special contests that get you the kinds of credits that get you ahead? We will be listing the key events that make the difference in an entertainers career in this section of the Looking Glass.

Your Horror Scope

 Get the straight scoop from the all seeing eye, the real truth about your Asstoological future, exclusively here from the Writers of the "Looking Glass" who tune into the cosmos and experience its dangers searching for ultimate destinies in the stars, in their unrelenting quest to serve you, our readers.

Dick Fitswell, "The Surgeon's Knife"

In his non ending quest for the perfect fit for his 18 inch penis, Dick Fitswell is last seen in a Canadian hospital. Feeling threatened by the threat to their gene pool by Dick Fitswell's 18 inch dick and what would happen if Dick spawns a superior group of well hung males, the Canadians are about to have Dick's penis downsized. The surgeon's knife is poised. Will Dick continue being the man on the prowl, the biggest Dick around, or will he continue life as a feeble shadow of his once prominent appendage?

Letters from the Backdoor Man--Episode 5 of The Trailer Park Momma,
 "In Search of the Holy Tail"

Episode V of the Backdoor Man--Not received yet. Look for it, soon.

The M-1 Carbine---Was it a wimp or an excellent Weapon?

Weighing in at barely more than five pounds the M-1 carbine was loved by the millions of soldiers who carried it during World War II and the Korean War until the bad news started to filter in from the men who had to use it in combat when the chips were down . It reportedly lacked stopping power and accuracy. Yet our most decorated soldier in World War II, Audie Murphy, preferred it to everything else available. Jack Corbett dissects the M-1 carbine from its combat mission envisioned by the U.S. Armed forces to how well it performed its intended role. You, the reader, are invited to make your own conclusions.

Peter the Great, the new Praetorian Guard--Episode II

With God at his side, Peter the Great, wins the U.S. Presidency after announcing his Peter Plan, which promises the contruction of a revitalized national railroad system and mass transit, legalization of drugs, termination of DUI laws and a relentless war against lawyers and judges."


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