Angie, topless mentor of all time
by Jack Corbett

She was the most successful stripper out of all house dancers and feature entertainers Jack Corbett ever met, who the Stimmelators Gentlemen's club owner called the Couch Queen because of all the private dances she could do in just one night.

The quintessential professional entertainer sums up Angie's essence.   More successful than any house dancer we've ever met---just consider that Angie only works four days per month at a club.   One might easily dismiss her as the pure hustler par excellence yet to do so would be to seriously underestimate her.   She's all charm.  She will lure you into her web.

She should give lessons.  Too often we have seen dancers get wrapped up in the other entertainers  getting too involved in their problems.   Our Angie's too smart for that.  When she arrives at work and once you meet her there she's not about to talk about her problems.  Instead you find a woman who's always upbeat, who just makes you feel good to be near her.   Which is the way things should be.   After all, you go to a club to leave your problems at home, not take on those of the girls who work there.  

Angie's all about having fun.   Bright, witty and aggressive, she keeps her head about her.  No one's going to intimidate her.   No one and we don't care if she's the latest Penthouse centerfold or someone holding a grudge against her but through  it all she's going to stay cool as a cucumber.  They don't get any better than this so be sure to look her up.  But if you have to wait feel free to go through her pictures below.  Just click on each thumbnail to bring up the full size image.

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