The Looking Glass Magazine Exotic Photography Issue

  August 2004


When Tiger Wayne brought Smokey, a white tiger, into Club 64, the strippers went crazy over the adorable tiger cub.

Some envy Tiger Wayne, others wish they could have his job, and if women don't always fall for him, they nearly always wind up adoring his cats.  Tiger Wayne has shown over 150 large cats throughout the years--nearly everything from white tigers, Bengals, Siberians, lions, jaguars, cheetahs, black leopards, lynx's and pumas.  While nearly everyone's fascinated by his animals, most of us know very little about nature's most terrifying killing machines which are ironically some of the most elusive and least understood predators in the wild.  Through the past few months photo journalist Jack Corbett takes pictures of three of Tiger Wayne's tigers with some of the entertainers he meets, then winds up getting this exclusive interview with the loquacious yet fascinating man who dares to do things very few men would ever risk doing.


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Kiarra posing with white tiger
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We specialize in exotic photography for Feature entertainers, dancers aspiring to become features, and gentlemens clubs.

Gun of the Month

Paul Mauser's timeless 98, the rifle that refuses to die
 by Jack Corbett

The German infantryman's battle rifle in World War I and II, when it comes to a rifle the hunter can stake his life on for hunting the world's most dangerous game and as the basis for some of the world's most exquisite and expensive custom rifles, the 1898 Mauser is still the gun to beat.  

Check out the infamous Jack Corbett topless club Guide to find the strip club you are looking for. 

Now covering all fifty states, and in the process of being upgraded, the Looking Glass now offers you the key facts you need to locate the right club fast and efficiently.  For all feature entertainers or house dancers wanting to further their careers and entertainment agencies looking to solid bookings we will try to indicate in the guide which clubs book features.    Links with even more detailed information to clubs in the guide having web sites are provided.  If you know of a club that is not in the Guide or of a club that has a web site that is not linked in the Jack Corbett Guide, or of a legitimate pageant, contest, or other leading adult industry event please let us know in our Looking Glass forum


The Looking Glass's fun, sun, and babes resource guide to Thailand for the discriminating male.

Born in the U.S.A. and think you've got it made?  If you are single, you could be on the worse place on earth for meeting or having the best babes.   Many cognoscenti believe that if there's a Paradise on earth for the American wanting to upgrade Thailand is the answer.  Check out our Looking Glass pages to find out more how to make your dreams a reality.


Especially for Dancers--Events, Feature Talent Showcases, etc.

Pure Talent, Continental, or another top talent agency having a "Feature Showcase" or contest? If you are at all interested in featuring this is one of your finest opportunities to make the connections that count. Or how about those special contests that get you the kinds of credits that get you ahead? We will be listing the key events that make the difference in an entertainers career in this section of the Looking Glass.


This ain't Broadway by Danton Thorne

For Baron's aging Broadway starlet, life in the fast line becomes a bleak, unappealing turn down tragedy lane. 


The Hawk's Eye View

Hawkeye our man with his finger on the pulse over at Big Daddy's Cabaret in Fort Leonard Wood writes about the differences between Dancers and Strippers.  



The truth about banner and Link exchanges by Jack Corbett

Many web site designers don't want you to know the truth since they'd rather be charging you for what their spam e-mails promise to be an alchemic and sophisticated process of improving hit count they alone possess.

Finding Shangri-La
by Jack Corbett

Massages in Thailand--whatever your ailment or even if there is nothing wrong with you at all, Thailand is the place where the babes make a man feel like a king, whether he's getting a foot or back massage at just eight bucks for an hour and a half or the famous Soapie Massage oftentimes referred to as a Thai bath in which you and your lovely masseuse immerse yourselves in hot soapie suds for that full body treatment you will never forget as long as you live.   


Dick Fitswell celebrates Christmas with San Francisco's homeless by Jack Corbett

Now if you are Dick Fitswell , with a throbbing 18 inch penis that is forever aching for that perfect fit, what better  place is there to continue your quest than in San Francisco?  With hundreds of homeless lying about (and many of them are women), Dick figures it's going to be a cinch to take someone home with him. After all, it's Christmas, and what better gift is there to give a woman in need than essence of Dick?



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