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November 2011

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GOP cartoon strip
by Jack Corbett

The GOP, Godfathers for Organized Pricks team up with the Mothers for a More Boring Nation, Ralph Limbo Prick and their minions to stop Obama and the Democrats in their tracks even if it means destroying the U.S. forever.  

S. P.E.W. Reincarnated

Sexy Professional Exotic Wrestling

Uncle Bufford Naklua Bar Reviews
by Uncle Bufford


Uncle Bufford takes no prisoners when it comes to his Naklua beer bar reviews making it clear which bars are worth going to and which are to be avoided like the plague.  If a bar caters to its bar girls instead of its customers Uncle Bufford's going to give it an F double minus

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Welcome to the Fun House by Jack Corbett 

Until now Jack's only written one novel, "Death on the Wild Side"  Although "Welcome to the Fun House" is still not quite ready for the printer, here it is, in pdf format, an exclusive available only for our Looking Glass readers.Find the Porn 



Penthouse Hotel
by Jack Corbett

Next to the Pattaya Kitten Club and close to Wa;lking Street is the Pattaya Penthouse Hotel with its "Sex Rooms", but don't let that put you off.  We've spent the night there, and got a totally enjoyable experience with first class service.  For something new and diferent, try it.  You might like it. 

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Lady Boys 

In this video two lady boys make their appearance, but can you really tell the difference?  Honestly? 

 Neither can Lawrence in "Welcome to the Fun House".  In this video four Thai ladies think the first lady boy is a gal.  Should you be worried?  Up to you. 

Introducing Chiang Mai Kelly 

Chiang Mai Kelly

Who wouldn't want to live the dream, living with six go go dancers in Pattaya--think about it, six sexy Thai ladies other men have to pay for, living each night as if it's their last .  Such was Kelly's lot in life for an entire year.  Don't miss episode 1 and much more to come for the definitive insider's story of what go go dancers really want, who their boyfriends are, how they spend their time and the games they play.

"One night of love ain't worth six nights alone but I'd rather have one than none because after all I'm flesh and bone."  Yeah, but Kelly, don't you think that having one Thai woman called the Princess, another who goes by "Bad Breast Job" and then the Ya Ba whore lady all living with you at  the same time isn't over doing it? 

Madame Nook Pattaya and Naklua Restaurant Reviews

The Hot Tub by Scott Waggoner 

Who better to review Pattaya's wondrous restaurants than Madame Nook?  She's Thai so she knows the difference between what's sold at exorbitant prices and the great culinary deals out there.


Cartoon of Uncle Bufford in go go bar 

Jack Corbett's 12 Wonders of Pattaya

There's a lot more to Pattaya other than the best looking babes in the world, over 2000 bars and more night life than anywhere else.

Uzi submachine gun 



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