Penetrating the Bad Girl Image of Superstar L.A. LaMann

by Jack Corbett
L.A. LaMann

L.A. LaMann molesting Ponderosa Co-M.C. Mikey Mike at Nudes-A_Poppin 2004 before 5,000 people


Often called the M-80 blonde bomb, L.A. LaMann is a superstar, both on the feature circuit and in the world of porn, who has appeared in practically every men's magazine in the U.S. and numerous International adult magazines.

I’ve had an unfair advantage over most who have interviewed L.A. Practically anyone with any common sense can look good during a twenty minute interview. But I’ve been fortunate to be around L.A. and the other feature entertainers for four days straight at the Pure Talent Showcase at Club Fantasies in Providence, then another four days at another Pure Talent Feature Showcase at Big Al’s in Peoria, Illinois. This meant taking pictures of L.A. and the other features every night, with all of us staying in the same motel, and visiting with them in the dressing room. At Big Al’s I watched L.A. perform for her first time as Master of Ceremonies. It was L.A. calling everyone about the latest party or pulling a Paul Revere crying out, not, “The British are coming, but-----“Party’s in room 211 starting at 4:30 a.m.” As M.C., L.A. was the spider, a woman possessing enormous personal warmth, drawing everyone into her web, becoming one with both the audience and the participants. Calling L.A. a great stage entertainer doesn’t go far enough for the entire world is her stage. We set up the interview for 11:30 the next morning, when L.A. would be drinking her late morning coffee. My phone rang while I was still typing out the questions I would ask her.

L.A.: “I’m calling you early so you won’t have to pay for this call. Is that alright?”

Jack Corbett: How typical of L.A.-- always looking out for the other person. “Sure, let me just get this tape recorder ready and get another cup of coffee.”

Jack Corbett: “The first time I met you a young house dancer, who’s an excellent dancer, was with me as my photography assistant. She felt you were the best dancer out of the feature entertainers at the event.”

L.A.: “Actually I’m just a big goofball. I don’t take it too seriously and do whatever I want. I think I dance for myself. I like to be a good performer but I think I sometimes do it for myself for selfish reasons.

L.A.Jack Corbett: “A porn star biography on the web calls you: “A brash exotic dancer who looks every inch the part, porn star L.A. LaMann is one of the most popular strippers in the country.” I disagree. I would describe you as a cute, warm, green-eyed blonde with an outrageously irreverent sense of humor. You’ve got the figure and the moves, but you are playing a role. The real L.A. is sensitive, not jaded the way many porn stars are viewed.

L.A. “I am very sensitive. You know, I think you really have me down.

Jack Corbett: “I know I do.”

L.A. “Well, if you didn’t know me you wouldn’t know that.”

Jack Corbett: “When Pure Talent had their feature showcase at Big Al’s in Peoria, Illinois there was that photo montage you were having everyone sign at the motel we were all staying at. Did you organize that?”

L.A.: “Actually the club organized it. I stole it. (laughing). No…it was on the club wall and Big Al asked me to take it back to the motel to have everybody sign it.”

L.A. LaMannJack Corbett: “I see you as being very much the leader. You were Master of Ceremonies at Big Al’s. It was you having people sign that thing, tracking us all down in the motel and it was you who invited everyone to that party in your room Friday night not to mention your inviting everyone to a party in Mia MiLuv’s room Saturday night.

L.A. “I didn’t know it was in her room the next night. No…the next night we went to the restaurant with Big Al. Wasn’t there another party going on at the same time?”

Jack Corbett: “Probably.”

L.A. “I thought so.”

Jack Corbett: “So I went to the wrong party then?

L.A. “Yeah…you went to the pu pa party. My party was naked and I have the pictures to prove it.”

Jack Corbett: “You were telling me that this was your first time as M.C., that you were nervous and that you didn’t know how you did.”

L.A. “I think I was just crazy and out of control.”

Jack Corbett: “No you weren’t. Just your irreverent sense of humor coming out like when you were performing on the stage and kept giving everyone the finger.”

L.A. “Well, I was told I was not supposed to do that and I couldn’t help myself because people like it and they do it back.”

Jack Corbett: “What about your getting all 18 feature entertainers to give me the finger after all of you went on stage to receive your awards and your announcing: “Here’s to Jack Corbett, our photographer.” Even Anne Marie (the owner of the Pure Talent Agency) was giving me the finger.”

L.A. Laughing like crazy now—“It was looking more like a mother fucker show than it was looking like anything else.”

Jack Corbett: “In the dressing room you are always cutting up; others are too. Mia MiLuv is an outstanding cutup in the dressing room. But you--you are always cracking jokes and giving people a hard time.”

L.A. “Oh God. How do I explain that? When you are happy you have a bit of an aura around you. You kind of bring out the best in people and if people do not respond to that then they are in their own little world. To each his own. But I’m just a goofball. I did not come all the way to Peoria from Boston to have a miserable time in the dressing room. I came out to have a good time and I would have had a good time by myself or with people.”

Jack Corbett: “On your web site you mentioned that you were featuring 42 weeks a year and that you are cutting down to 32 weeks by doing more filming in adult movies. Do you enjoy that more than being on the road?”

L.A. LaMannL.A. “Actually I prefer being on the road but I do the filming for the guys. Club owners care about the numbers at the door and I want to see my numbers go up too. So that’s why I started doing porn—to get more guys into the clubs to see me.”

Jack Corbett: “The average woman sees making money off of sex, demeaning. How do you feel about that? Here you are having sex with whomever in your movies and some of the guys you don’t like. Right?”

L.A. “No. I pick the guys I want in my films which is awesome.”

Jack Corbett: What kinds of guys do you pick?”

L.A. “I like to pick clean, well-groomed, drug free and responsible professional guys in the business.”

Jack Corbett: “So you don’t feel this is demeaning?”

L.A. “No. I don’t see anything different with having sex in the bedroom or in front of cameras. It feels all the same.”

Jack Corbett: “You don’t have that hardcore look.”

L.A. “I don’t think I ever will. I think I will never change and always be the same.”

Jack Corbett: “You cultivate the image of the bad girl, you are referred on the web as the bad girl, and you even refer to yourself as a bad girl but that doesn’t quite hit you either.”

L.A. “I think it does because I am always the one to break the rules. Always.”

Jack Corbett; “I see you as being the perennial joke player and letting others in on it. But you are not hurting anybody while doing it.”

L.A. “Nah. Just a rule breaker.”

Jack Corbett: “Your web site states you are bored with magazines and that you want to go more mainstream. Why are you bored with the magazines?”

L.A. LaMannL.A. “It takes an 8 hour day to shoot one photo shoot. I’d be thrilled to be in some of the top magazines but I usually fly myself out and I’ve gotta stay somewhere and rent a car. That’s what I had to do to start out and what the magazines typically pay does not begin to pay back my expenses. Now that I’ve gotten into porn I’m paying back what I put into it plus I’m getting back more.”

Jack Corbett: “What about your going mainstream?”

L.A. “Funny you mentioned that. I got a call from “Playboy” to fly out immediately to shoot in a role in an Austin Powers film. It would have been a lot of fun and paid well but I was under contract with a club and I never walk out on a deal. I want to build my future within two years, be successful and own my own business.”

Jack Corbett: “What kind of business?”

L.A. “Something like a spa-salon. Very upbeat. A lot of stainless steel and a glass room, and when you walk in, it’s awesome. I’ve never been in a salon like that.”

Jack Corbett: “Where do you want to have it?”

L.A. “Boston. I love Colorado. Colorado and Oregon are my favorite states because I am a mountain girl. I’ll take the mountains with snow any day over the beach.”

Jack Corbett: “Why Boston?”

L.A. “Because I have family in Boston.”

Jack Corbett: “Is this goal realistically obtainable in two years?”

L.A. “It is for me. I’m not going to stop until I get what I want.”

Jack Corbett: “In 5 or 10 years what are your goals?”

L.A. “Kids”.

Jack Corbett: “Why didn’t you have kids before? Most women start cranking them out at 19. Women have this urge to procreate. You just said you are going to have kids. Why wait?”

L.A. “It is important to make sure you can provide before you can do anything,”

Jack Corbett: “Which shows you are a good person.”

L.A. LaMannL.A. “I used to work for a homeless shelter; I was a kindergarten teacher; I was a preschool teacher and a nanny which was the highest paying job I had in those days but I had to bartend to make ends meet. I got sick of it. I never would make enough to have my own business and I would always have to depend upon somebody. So I started dancing, quit and when I started again, I decided that I was going to go for the gusto and go for everything.”

Jack Corbett: “Who is more moral—the woman dropping babies who doesn’t know what she is doing—relying on a guy who cannot or will not support his family or someone who uses porn to make sure she can afford to raise a family and who is not dependent on a man who is likely to fail to support that family? What do you see yourself doing to provide for your kids?”

L.A. “I want to be super mom. I want to do everything except PTA but I don’t think the PTA will accept me. So I’m not going to bother submitting my application. I want to have a good guy in my life, but if I can’t find the right person I want to have a child with, I already have two donors in mind.”

I had a dream last night that the Mothers for a More Boring Nation finally got rid of all of us adult industry professionals. We all had to go into exile on another planet because we were not of this world. The earth stagnated into a very boring place inhabited by bible thumping people who never smiled and it got so bad that a delegation was sent to the planet we were all living on hoping that something could be learned and that a bit of sanity could be brought back to planet earth. There were all kinds of people who are leaders in their own right on the planet the delegation visited but when the delegation asked the gatekeeper: “take us to your leader, he said to them: “Our leader is L.A. LaMann. She’s the Queen of wisecracking, Goddess of pranks, and our spiritual mentor on how to enjoy life without hurting anyone.  She makes everyone around her feel good.”

Xtreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World

It was at the Pure Talent Feature Showcase at Big Al's in Peoria where I got so well acquainted with both Arianna a del and Montana Steele who are both in Extreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World.  On the last night of the showcase L.A. operating as the Master of Ceremonies, got all 19 of the Pure Talent Feature entertainers to give me the finger while L.A. called out into the microphone.  "And this is to our photographer, Jack Corbett"

Feature entertainers giving me the finger

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