The Looking Glass Magazine Dirty Harry Clint Eastwood Colt Python Issue
November 2002

High lights--Pure Talent Feature Showcase at Big Al's, Dirty Heather and the Colt Python, Peter the Great's Coliseum

Feature entertainer Arianna a del at Big Al's gentlemen's club

Landmark of the Month by Jack Corbett

Big Als is an Illinois landmark. It's been around ever since I've known there was such a thing as gentlemen's clubs and strip clubs.  Every year Big Als hosts the Miss Illinois Nude pageant and recently it's started to host Pure Talent Agency's Feature Entertainer showcases where as many as 19 feature entertainers strut their stuff for three successive nights.  It's here that club owners from across the United States come to discover which stars they wish to book by watching 19 feature entertainers perform as well as sitting down with them to discuss future bookings.  Now--in this writer's judgment that is the test of the truly great clubs--to put up to $20,000 on the table--paying for the hotel rooms of all those feature entertainers, for radio and television publicity, to the agency providing the feature entertainers, etc. while offering its customers the very best adult entertainment a man can get.  And trust me, Big Als is one of the greatest clubs in the entire country. 

Pure Talent Agency recently had a feature talent showcase  at Big Als  where I became friends with two Louisville, Kentucky feature entertainers, Ariannna a del and Montana Steele. Both will be future feature profiles in "Xtreme Magazine". Both will be featured in gun of the month articles. And just last week Montana won the M.S. (Miss) Texas title and will represent Texas and the hosting club there, Maximus, at Exotic Dancer's semi finals during Expo 2003's Exotic Dancer of the Year pageant. Expect to see a lot more of both of these Louisville beauties.  

Alpha Productions Exotic Photography

We specialize in exotic photography and web site design for Feature entertainers, dancers aspiring to become features, and for gentlemen's clubs.

Your Horror Scope

Get the straight scoop from the all seeing eye, the real truth about your Asstoological future, exclusively here from the Writers of the "Looking Glass" who tune into the cosmos and experience its dangers searching for ultimate destinies in the stars, in their unrelenting quest to serve you, our readers.

Dick Fitswell, the man in quest for the perfect fit goes to church by Jack Corbett

After having a religious conversion, Dick Fitswell finally makes it to church (a horrible thought). On the move to achieve a position in the church's hierarchy, he finds the perfect door opener in the woman who's taking the church's collection. Would Fitswell really sink so low as to use God to quiet his raging 18 inch penis?

Observations from the D.J. Booth Chapter 2--Community Relations by Krazy Ted

What are we going to do with this guy? Call him guru. Krazy Ted, D.J. at Sapphires in Waterloo, Iowa, once again gives good advice to club personnel and dancers both on how they can help clean up the image of strip clubs and further themselves at the same time.

Letters from the Backdoor Man--Episode 6 of The Trailer Park Momma, "In Search of the Holy Tail" by McTeague

Episode VI of the Backdoor Man. The Backdoor man smells the fetid breath of the werewolf hovering over him, bent on eating his heart out. The smell is like a thousand corpses. There is no escape. The wolf is there to avenge the Backdoor Man's doing a lass wrong.

Enlightenment by Robert A. Wu

A Buddhist monk, a practicer of Zen, teaches his women students the way to true enlightenment but like many Catholic Priests who like little boys, this monk, seems to have ulterior motives. This is Robert Fray's first here in the Writers Nook.

Dirty Heather and the Colt Python by Jack Corbett

Harry Callahan, played by Clint Eastwood, in "Dirty Harry". might have had his Smith and Wesson Model 29 44 magnum, destined to popularize the big .44, but even Eastwood at his magnificent best cannot top the Dirty Heather Python photo shoot that showcases the most elegant and accurate double action revolver ever made . See why both the Python and Heather make such a great matchup. And if you like either, you can always pay double for a Python what a good Smith and Wesson costs or head up to Club Sapphires to meet Heather up close and personal.

Dog Mistress by Morgan Hawke

Loving our pets is one thing, but is there such a thing as taking our involvement with our little animals too far? For the definitive "tail" of self absorption going too far, this one's a must read.

Hype Street by Danton Thorne

Once again the Baron delivers, transporting the reader to a time and place , of visons as real as the food on his plate. We've said it before here but we are going to say it again. Baron writes like Hemingway. Hemingway more than any other writer in the 20th century, started a new style of writing and was called by Britannica as the most influential writer of the century. Check the Baron out. You will see what we mean.

Peter the Great and the Coliseum--Episode V by Jack Corbett

"Let the games begin", announces Peter as he is about to unleash the maximum degradation imaginable upon a new breed of criminal....the terrorist, who has no respect for life, either his own or those of his victims. Can Peter instill unimaginable terror upon the terrorists and reverse what appears to be the inevitable destruction of civilization itself?  


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