Pattaya Soi Six Calendar is an unparalleled artistic masterpiece.

Unequalled, and totally unique the Pattaya Soi Six calendar. is a groundbreaking artistic masterpiece. of unparalleled quality.

Front cover of the Pattaya Soi Six Calendar

Buy your 2024 Pattaya Soi Six Calendar now because this 2024 Pattaya Beaches Eye Candy calendar is a must have to put on wall or refrigerator. That will single you out as a man or woman of exquisite tastes who marches to the beat of a different drummer.

You are already wondering how I can back up such an outrageous claim. Here’s why.

  • Number one, if it’s not the only Pattaya Soi Six calendar you can buy, it’s certainly the best.
  • It’s called the 2024 Pattaya Soi Six calendar because Soi Six is Pattaya’s most infamous and iconic street.
  • Unlike most calendars the Pattaya Beaches Eye Candy Soi Six calendar contains 24 pages in full vibrant color.
  • While featuring eight of our favorite Pattaya Soi Six bars on its monthly pages.
  • And four of our favorite Pattaya Beaches restaurants on the rest of the date pages.
  • Its models are much more than your typical pretty Thai lady. For example, Mew, Miss September has won all three of the Pattaya Dancing Queen competitions.
  • And if all this is not enough to distinguish the 2024 Soi Six calendar from every other calendar out there 7 of its pages contain links to videos each model or bar has appeared in on the Jack Corbett video channel.
Notice in the lower left corner in blue, the link to that will take you to over 100 videos Mew has done.
Pattaya Soi Six Calendar back cover
calendar’s back cover.
Miss October of the Pattaya Soi Six Calendar
Meet Belle Miss October of the Pattaya Soi Six Calendar
October monthly page of the calendar. (picture taken at the Soi Six Knight Wish Bar.)

Now, a lot of people like to write down their important appointments and to do’s on their calendars.

Considering that all 24 pages of the calendar are full color photographs at 100 percent resolution, it’s nearly impossible to write down your notes on its pages with a pencil or pen. Here’s the answer.

I took this picture from the 2023 Pattaya Beaches Eye Candy Calendar. Notice how I’ve attached the calendar to my refrigerator with magnets.

I attach my calendar to my refrigerator with small magnets to display my calendar so that I won’t miss a single appointment. And buy small adhesive stickers from my local stationery shop. On which I write down my appointments and important to do’s.

Take my word for it, with this calendar on your refrigerator it’s going to be virtually impossible for you to ignore your sticky notes.

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