Pattaya Bar Girls

Call it a Disneyland for Adults, Pattaya has the most beautiful women on earth. The challenge is surviving Pattaya  bar girls.

Pattaya bar girls
Kwan is the superstar of Pattaya bar girls in the Drinking Street beer bar complex


 If all you want to do is watch videos of  pretty women

Pattaya Bar Girl Videos

The truth is over 90 percent of  newbies to Pattaya bar girls completely disregard the advice of expats who actually live in Pattaya

while failing to read the right books that can save them a lot of heartache later.

This Pattaya Bar Girls section  in the Fun House  focuses on shaking  Pattaya newbies out of such arrogant complacency.  It will recommend only the best books about Pattaya bar girls and the mysterious ways of Pattaya women.  Its purpose is to offer the unvarnished truth discovered by real expats living in Pattaya today. These are men who live full time in Pattaya.  And have learned to ignore a value system that is 180 degrees different from their own.  The advice you will find here is from expatriates living outside their native countries.  Who are not ashamed to admit their many mistakes with Pattaya bar girls.

Welcome to the Fun House Welcome to the Fun House book cover

Was until now the only book Jack Corbett has written about  Pattaya Bar girls and what it is really like living in Pattaya as an expat.   Welcome to the Fun House casts Pattaya as a whacky off the rails fun house  of expats living in an idyllic condominium community designed, organized and presided over by the visionary Herman the German,

the builder-developer of the Bahthaus,  who has more money than God.   But then Thai kick boxers murders  one of the Fun House Expats.  And when the Pattaya police rules it an accident the Fun House community must decide between acceptance and taking the law into their own hands.

But how real is the Fun House really? Surely that condo full of regenerated middle-aged men and Seniors surely could not be misbehaving as badly as say, the college boys in National Lampoon’s zanny movie-comedy Animal House that inspired the Funhouse.  But they are. Just consider that for two years Jack Corbett  was on the committee running the condo that inspired the Fun House.   A few years later, after Welcome to the Fun House was published Jack would become chairman of the new committee overseeing his condo’s affairs.   The value of such experience is incalculable.

Pattaya Pattaya Pattaya Confessions of Sin City

Pattaya Pattaya Pattaya Confessions of Sin City is about Pattaya Bar Girls

Pattaya Pattaya Pattaya Confessions of Sin City  is the sequel to Welcome to the Fun House and Dick Fitswell the Man in Search of the Perfect Fit.  Published in August 2020 Jack’s been living in Thailand for 15 years.  Serving as chairman (big boss)  of the Fun House for six years, the chairman has experiences very few Westerners have.  

This book looks and functions exceptionally well on smart phones and Kindles alike.  For a little over five dollars you get 15 years of experience you can get nowhere else.  The Kindle version of Pattaya Pattaya Pattaya Confessions of Sin City can be yours on your smart phone.  Once you get the Kindle reader from Amazon, you are set to go for one incredible journey of excitement only Pattaya can deliver.


Death on the Wild Side was Jack Corbett’s first book.Death on the Wild Side by Jack CorbettDeath on the Wild Side is about a beautiful, charismatic stripper and her customer-boyfriend who becomes hopelessly addicted to her. So what does this have to do with the Funhouse, Pattaya, or Pattaya bar girls?

An awful lot, actually. Sure, top stripper, Lori Mellon’s American so she’s not a Thai girl but the addiction is the same, and in many ways the East St. Louis topless club scene is similar to Walking Street go-go bars in Pattaya.

Jack Corbett has written and published two other books, Extreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World,Extreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World cover that has absolutely nothing to do with Thailand or Pattaya Bar Girls and Dick Fitswell, the man in Quest for the Perfect FitDick Fitswell the Man in Quest for the Perfect Fit has a lot to say about Pattaya Bar Girlswhich very well might but only in the sense that Dick Fitswell is quite possibly the ideal champion of how Pattaya newbies should treat Pattaya Bar GIrls.

Must Read books about Pattaya Bar Girls by other writers

Money number one is the Bible for dealing with Pattaya Bar Girls
Warning to all tourists. Do not get involved with any Pattaya Bar girls unless you read “Money Number One”


No visitor wanting to sample Thailand’s unparallelled smorgasbord of Pattaya bar girls should even think about dealing with Pattaya bar girls before reading either Neil Hutchison’s Money Number One or A Fool in Paradise Neil HutchisonFool in Paradise and Stephen Leather’s Private Dancer.  Just take your pick, choose either Money Number One or Fool in Paradise.  Both are equally well-written.   Both deliver the same messages and warnings that the reader should heed at all costs.  However,  in the past few months Neil’s books have been forced off the shelves of Thailand’s book shelves due to complaints from some of the natives that they give Thais a bad name.   Which means you will have to get your copy from an out of the way used book shop or get Neil’s priceless words of wisdom online from his web site Money Number One.

Neil just happens to be a Pattaya expat just like Jack, and the two have even been known to have a few beers together now and then.  Stephen Leather's Private DancerBut Stephen Leather is a cat of a different feather.  For one thing, he doesn’t even live in Pattaya.  Leather started his writing career as an English journalist.  Since then he has written  over 20 novels, most of them thrillers.   Nevertheless, Private Dancer is a MUST READ classic about Thailand bar girls.  In fact the female protagonist of Private Dancer works in a Bangkok go go bar.  So she’s not even a Pattaya bar girl.  Either way, dire things can happen to the man who lets his judgment founder dealing with Thai women.

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