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The Roxys Bomb Girl and 007's Walther PPK
by Jack Corbett

Roxy's stripper with PPK Walther

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With James Bond now well past his prime it might be wise for him to turn to younger women such as Taylor dancing at PTs Roxys in Brookyn, Illinois,

who not only has got what it takes to waken James up from the many deep fogs now afflicting him more often in his older age, but is also gravely concerned that his choice of weaponry is too antiquated for him to measure up to his better armed 21st century opponents. The guns of our Roxys Topless Club Bond girl, the subject of this review, are "The Walther PPK, the Kahr P 9 and the Seecamp 32 A.C.P.

In Ian Flemmings early Bond novels, 007 is woefully under equipped with a 25 caliber Beretta automatic, a small semi auto which is useful if it is at all, at only point blank range, and even at that offers very poor stopping power against anything larger than a baby rabbit. Q, Flemming's chief armorer for the British Secret Service, insists that Bond replace his pathetic 25 Beretta with the much more powerful PPK in 7.65 mm. For the rest of his career in Flemming's novels, Bond goes about his daily business of shooting the bad guys with his PPK. The reader and later the audience in the 007 movies is assured that Bond is adequately armed for whatever awaits him.

The PPK is a svelte lightweight pocket pistol engineered by the German Walther Arms Company in the 1930's, which started as the model PP, but was shortened to a handier sized version, the PPK. It broke new ground in modern pistol design because it was double action-that is, a bullet could be chambered into the breech, after which one could push a lever that set the trigger in a position so that the gun could not be fired without undertaking a long hard trigger squeeze. Double action refers to a single squeeze of the trigger both cocking the hammer and firing the pistol although later pistol designs from companies such as Kahr Arms and Glock would replace the external hammer with internal striker mechanisms. With the PPK one could also elect to pull the hammer back and fire the piece with an easy pull in single action mode thus accomplishing one action by pulling the trigger-tripping the hammer, which has already been cocked by the shooter, upon the cartridge's primer. The gun's inherent design is very safe since it cannot possibly go off unless the shooter pulls the trigger.

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