The Looking Glass Magazine 2002 Exotic Dancer Convention Issue
October 2002

Feature entertainer Leah Layne

Featuring, the Exotic Dancer Convention and the Xtreme Weapons Roxys topless club Bombshell Girl, nude with a Walther PPK

Landmark of the Month--Exotic Dancer Expo 2002

End of August finds  Jack Corbett and Tornado at Exotic Dancer Magazine's annual convention in Las Vegas. There's the Pure Talent Feature Showcase to shoot at Mandalay Bay, cavorting with feature entertainers such as Leah Layne (pictured above) and other adult entertainment professionals at the Orchid Bar (our office) at Mandalay Bay, a feature and her sister at the swimming pool at the Luxor, the private parties, but the most fun of all was had during that great photo shoot we did with Leah Layne in the Hot Tub Suite Tornado and Jack shared at the Luxor.

Alpha Productions Exotic Photography
We specialize in exotic photography and web site design for Feature entertainers, dancers aspiring to become features, and for gentlemen's clubs.

Especially for Dancers--Events, Feature Talent Showcases, etc.

Pure Talent, Continental, or another top talent agency having a "Feature Showcase" or contest? If you are at all interested in featuring this is one of your finest opportunities to make the connections that count. Or how about those special contests that get you the kinds of credits that get you ahead? We will be listing the key events that make the difference in an entertainers career in this section of the Looking Glass.

Your Horror Scope

 Get the straight scoop from the all seeing eye, the real truth about your Asstoological future, exclusively here from the Writers of the "Looking Glass" who tune into the cosmos and experience its dangers searching for ultimate destinies in the stars, in their unrelenting quest to serve you, our readers.

Dick Fitswell has a religious conversion

Or Dick Fitswell meets God. Fresh out of a Canadian hospital where he has narrowly escaped having his 18 inch penis downsized by the surgeon's knife, Dick Fitswell finally meets his maker who has a new mission for him. This one's so appalling and disgusting that we are asking anyone who clicks on the link above to agree to our warning that anything goes and that we cannot be responsible for the consequences that might follow.

Observations from the D.J. Booth Chapter 1

Introducing Krazy Ted, D.J. at Sapphires in Waterloo, Iowa. The D.J. sees and hears everything. So listen up and pay attention. He's not only got some great stories to tell you, The man's also got some great advice for dancers and club owners alike.

Letters from the Backdoor Man--Episode 5 of The Trailer Park Momma, "In Search of the Holy Tail"

Episode V of the Backdoor Man. Imagine the seediest of bars where violence threatens to erupt at any moment, and does. Our writer paints the scene so vividly you can taste it.

The Roxys Bomb Girl and 007's PPK

With James Bond getting older and chasing younger women some are getting worried that he's no longer packing adequate ordinance to tackle the new breed of criminal of the 21st century. Foremost, is Taylor, who had been entertaining at Roxys in Brooklyn, Illinois but who's been temporarily moved to PT's in Centreville, who knows what weapons to wear even if James Bond doesn't.

Chastity Debauched, Episode I by Morgan Hawke

Having just been sent to a club she's never seen or heard of before by her father Chastity has an appointment with Father Gregor who resides on the entire upper floor of the place. Wondering why her father sent her here and what the appointment's all about, she's given one last chance to leave before being ushered into Father Gregor's quarters.

Iguana Dreams--Continued by Baron

Once again the Baron delivers, transporting the reader to a time and place , of visons as real as the food on his plate.

Peter the Great, the Golden Odyssey--Episode III

Peter the Great unleashes his multi trillion dollar transit program on the United States with the Maiden Run of the Golden Odyssey, a new, high speed train, hurtling across the country on a monorail as the passengers are coddled and entertained in two club cars and their sleeping cars by a traveling group of feature entertainers who have been ordered to mix it up with the guests to the max.

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