Observations from the DJ Booth
Krazy Ted


In most adult entertainment clubs, you would be amazed at what can be seen and heard from the DJ booth

Here's where I get up on the bitching stump with some ideas and opinions that have proved to be true through the years.

Note: There's an exception to every rule. What works in one club may not work in another or may even be against club policy so check it out with management if something is questionable.

Do not do drugs on club property. What you do on your own time is your business until it affects your attendance or performance. Clubs must be concerned with asset and license loss.

Be reliable. If you are scheduled, or say you'll be somewhere at a specific time, be there. If an EMERGENCY arises ( not the cat threw up) call as soon as possible. There are countless aspects of keeping your club running smooth that hinge on people being where they're supposed to be, when they're supposed to be there. Note: Check with club management on Arrival
Time/Ready To Perform Time policy.

Leave the drama outside the club. Everyone has problems, some more serious than others. So come to the club to escape from all the crap that makes your life less than perfect. It can be done.

No junior high politics. There's always going to be someone you don't get along with in a setting where people work so closely together. Don't talk shit about other dancers/employees/management and you'd be amazed at howfriendly people can become. If there's a situation where you absolutely must confront someone, have a manager present. Remember anything you say will be misquoted and used against you. IMPORTANT: NEVER ALLOW A SITUATION LIKE THIS HAPPEN IN FRONT OF OR WITHIN HEARING RANGE OF THE CUSTOMERS!!!

Be careful with your Music selection. The industry demographic for an adult entertainment facility is 25 to 65 year old divorced men. If you gear your music to the crowd with money to spare, I gaurantee you can double your money. Remember I said there is an exception to every rule. It's true there are younger, older, and married guys, as well as, an ever increasing number of female (Hey it's 2K2, it's all good) customers coming to the clubs. Statistically, it's the 25 to 65 year old divorced men who will drop the serious cash on a dancer on a regular basis. No matter what genre of music you prefer to dance to, whether it's Rock, Rap, Metal, R & B, etc., there are songs the
customers will listen to. They may not like them, but they won't walk out and will continue to tip. Play to the crowd but make sure you stay within the club music format parameters.

Don't take home guys from the club. Our business is fantasy. Taking home some dude who just gave you a bunch of money may constitute prostitution in some jurisdictions. If the guy comes back for more and you're out doing the new ' flavor of the night', you just pissed him off and created a potential stalker. (Stalkers are a complete chapter of their own which we'll cover at a later date.)

Smile. Maybe even talk to the guys. You'd be surprised at the amount of men who are in the clubs because they lack the social skills that would make it possible for them to meet people elsewhere. Sit down and talk to them and watch him become your new regular.

NEVER leave the club alone. If your club does not provide escorts (find another club) to your vehicle, make sure you leave as a group.

Don't let the leech knock you up!!! If you are not using safe sex with that "special" someone, use contraceptives. If you go full term , you will lose one year of your career ( 90% of dancers never return). Time does not grow on trees, but I've heard of a rubber plant.

Develop a plan to fall back on. Besides being an al Queda terrorist or Arnold from "Differant Strokes", dancing is one career that will end long before your natural life does. Unless you are termanally ill or just have a death wish, get an education, develop a skill, start a business, or invest (wisely and legally) so when you are done dancing ( most are by 30, 35 is about max) you can go on with your life. There's also a high risk of finishing early due to injury and you don't want to end up "in a van DOWN BY THE RIVER".

These are just 10 things that can help you turn dancing into a rewarding, enjoyable career. There will be more to come and I reserve the right to change my mind as new revelations come to me.

Until next time.
Krazy Ted



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