The Crazy Czech


What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this (strip club)?

by Jack Corbett



Crazy Czech and Brandy

Crazy Czech at Dollies Playhouse with Brandy

Just starting out as a dancer at the Dollies Playhouse  Brandy's just 19 years old when she first met me.  I'm sitting at my table only six feet from the topless club's main stage chatting with some of my accomplices in the Lost Angels chat on my laptop, when I spot the new girl dancing on the stage.  "She's a new girl, and she's pretty," I type into the chat window.  Second later, Baron, a writer friend of mine typing into his computer from Washington State, responds, "Get her pictures and put them up here, Jack." 

I beckoned the pretty girl to join me at my little table for a drink.  But she didn't drink, so I bought her a coke, not realizing that Brandy and I would become great friends for many years and that she'd soon be visiting me at my farm and travel with me up to Stimmelators in North Webster Indiana several times. 

Shot  with my Kodak D-40 camera, my first digital camera, the following pictures provide just a glimpse of Brandy's beauty.  Later, as she matured she'd become even more beautiful.

Brandy on stageupstairs at the Dollies PlayhouseUpstairs at Dollies Playhouse



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