Oldies but Goodies latest topless club picture from the past

Stay tuned.  Expect more pictures from Jack Corbett  to show off that we really were the first, the leaders of the pack and still never equaled

Alpha Productions team wearing their jackets

Dirt, the artist who did cartoons for Jack and the author with three stripper friends at the hotel they stayed in when the topless clubs closed

Previous episodes and pictures from Strip Club Golden Oldies

 Jack Corbett and group online at Dollies Playhouse  In the Chameleon Club hot tub  Alabama
Online in the Lost Angels room in 1999 at the Dollies Playhouse while the rest of the adult entertainment film was in the dark ages still doing film Jack Corbett in the hot tub at the Chameleon Club, Washington Park, IL shooting pictures for
Chameleon's web site
The real nun on the Toilet.  Alabama who played Sister
Margarita in Dollies Trendy
Toilet Sex 
Brandy   Collinsville Inn Lost Angels at Cruisers Strip Club 
Brandy, the pretty new girl at the Dollies Playhouse  The Colliinsville Hotel the Alpha Productions Crew stayed in Our Lost Angels Group at Cruisers Strip Club 
Alabama customer  Platinum Club private dance   
Alabama and customer at Dollies.  You will experience her in this slideshow as Sister Margarita  In the Platinum Club Vip room, the customer is getting a private dance.   



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