Catholic Nuns take over a strip club


In 1998, Jack Corbett and Alpha Productions created digital madness at the Dollies Playhouse strip club in Washington Park, IL

Dollies Playhouse  Slide Show of Nuns taking over the strip club

Cylina being spanked

Kicking off the latest of our Golden Oldies Strip Club Gems, are Sister Cuervo and Sister Margarita, two strippers from the Dollies Playhouse Gentlemen's Club in Washington Park, Illinois playing the part of two Catholic nuns.  It's 1998 and possibly even 1997.  Jack Corbett's got a Kodak DC-40 digital camera which can only do  375,000 pixels, but in those days no one was doing digital photography in strip clubs.  Real photographers are still using film.  But at Dollies, he's got the club managers and the topless dancers doing digital skits.   In those days Jack and his friends would put the digital images on the Internet right  from the topless club with whatever wacko narratives the gang could come up with in the Lost Angels Chat room.  The real photographers using film knew the digital camera's was only a toy.  But the people at the Dollies Playhouse strip club keep mishaving in front of the digital camera knowing that digital is already king. 

In this early chapter of adult entertainment digital awareness, Dollies stripper Diamond kicks things off and winds up in the topless club's toilet with Assistant Manager Big Howard.  Later Celina does a sensational photo shoot modeling for Jack and his digital DC-40 digital camera.  Then Celina, Obsession and Marilyn Mynxxx take over in "School Kids" as Marilyn dons the habit to play Sister Cuervo, the nun who faces the impossible assignment of teaching the unruly "girls".  The last slides capture Alabama playing Sister Margarita as the 2nd stripper nun as she serves communion to Jack before quaffing her own potion of methyl blue, which causes anyone who drinks the stuff to urinate in blue technicolor.  The final picture shows the irrepressible Alabama who plays the irreverent Sister Margarita sitting nude on the topless club's toilet.   

The series of pictures in the slide show demonstrate what the author became more and more aware of that drives so many strippers and feature entertainers.  Particularly with feature entertainers who travel across the U.S. performing their shows, Jack found that many of the girls are at heart actresses who would really rather be in Hollywood being movie stars, but who are fully aware that their chances of making it are slim to none.  Yet the urge is there, and there's so much talent in  so many of the girls.

Think the picture of Alabama sitting nude on the toilet was Jack's idea?  It was all Alabama, urging the writer to take pictures of her in the toilet and when he did, his sidekick Tornado followed him into the lady's room.  And then she quickly threw off what little she already had on, sat on the toilet and smiled as the two men looked on with amazement. 

And how much do you think Obsession, Marilyn Mynxxx and Cylina got paid for doing the "School kids" skit?  Or so many feature entertainers from all across the U.S. who'd stop over at the writer's St. Louis Metro East apartment on the way home from their bookings?  "They want to be actresses".  He knew it all along so he let them.  The digital camera was the tool that would change everything while allowing the women to strut their stuff and have fun doing it.  Film really was dead in 1997.  It just took the rest of the world--a world outside a handful of strip clubs--a few years to find out that digital was the only game in town.



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