Saint Louis Metro East hangout for Jack Corbett and stripper Friends



shooting 45 Colt at the Farm

 Living on a farm seventy-five miles from the Saint Louis  Metro East Strip Clubs drives Jack Corbett into sharing hotel rooms with three Stripper Friends

Our little  Group wearing Alpha Productions Jackets

The solution was to stay in a hotel close to the strip clubs.  From left to right, Jade who the author met at the Dollies Playhouse, Dirt, the young college student who did the author's Death on the Wild Side Cartoon strip and web site, Satin of Dollies, Jack Corbett and Marriah of Dollies.  All five are wearing the Alpha Productions jacket.  Each jacket has the Alpha Wolf's motif near the wearer's right shoulder.  On the other side is the person's name and below that is the Alpha Productions Web Site's url. 

Later, Jack would rent an apartment in Colliinsville for five years where he'd live before moving to Thailand.  In the meantime he found the Collinsville Inn just one mile from his future apartment.   In the meantime he had gotten to be very good friends with two of the Dollies Playhouse dancers, Jade and Marriah.  And not long after that when Satin started to dance at Dollies with Marriah.  Back then it cost $40.00 a night to stay at the Collinsville Inn, but the girls would stay there for weeks at a time enabling them to get a low rate of $30.00 a night.  Jack would typically head out to Dollies from his farm, and whichever girl was handy by the time the Dollies Playhouse would close he'd stay with her while splitting the cost of the room.  At this time Satin was living with her mother in Springfield, IL 90 miles from Dollies.  Jack met her while she was working for the Springfield Deja Vu gentlemen's club and it wasn't long before Marriah befriended her.  Once Satin started working at Dollies and having to pay $30.00 a night for her room, the author and her proved to be godsends for each other.  Springfield was just 30 miles from his farm so he'd often take her home while the two often paired with each other in Collinsville to save money on their rooms.  With Dollies closing between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. Marriah and Jade would oftentimes be all out for hitting other night clubs and strip clubs that stayed open longer so the author would oftentimes be hitting the hot spots with them and then he'd split the girl's room costs with her. 

It was Marriah who convinced the Dollies Playhouse general manager to allow the author to bring his laptop into the club, take pictures, etc.  Later, general manager had the author escort Satin to Peoria, IL where she competed for the Miss Nude of Illinois title at Big Als'.  Dollies paid the author and Satin's hotel expenses while they stayed in Peoria.  Later the author would take  Satin to Las Vegas where she helped him represent his Alpha Productions web site at his exhibitor's booth at the Exotic Dancer Expo. 

While out in the East St. Louis area night clubs the author never had to watch his own back if he had either Jade or Marriah with him.  Both girls on at least one occasion nearly got into fights looking out for the author.   

 Satin in Alpha Pro JacketsMarriah in Alpha Pro Jacket
Satin on the left, Marriah the right, both wearing their Alpha Pro Jackets.
A few years later the motel would be replaced by a large shopping mall,
that includes a Super Walmart and a Lowes Improvement Center

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