In the Hot Tub at the Chameleon Adult Club

Taken 08/19/1999 with Kodak DC-40

Jack Corbett in hot tub with Chameleon dancer

At the Chameleon Club in Washington Park, photographing the episode of Jack Corbett in the club's hot tub with a topless dancer is Angie who was at the time dancing at Visions Gentlemen's Club.

Jack Called Angie "mentor on the stage" due to her pole dancing ability.   Although she could make a monkey out of the author when it came to pole dancing, he could still do it and was willing to do it at just about any place that gave him the opportunity.  As for Angie, she became one of his partners in crime in the U.S. topless club scene, and one of the strippers he now misses over in Thailand where he's been living for the past 8 years. 

The idea behind this picture was to advertise the Chameleon Club on the Internet.  Jack had been doing a web site for Tommy Davis, the club owner.  The author wanted a "Roman style hot tub scene complete with grapes" so he had gone out to the supermarket where he purchased the grapes.  He then brought them to the club in the afternoon before the photo shoot and asked Tommy to refrigerate them for him.  When Angie, Jack, and Chrystal  got to the club to shoot the pictures, Tommy grinned and said, "Sorry about the grapes.  I ate all of them myself."

The Camera used for most of "these golden  oldie pictures is the Kodak DC-40.  Jack Shot his first pictures with this camera in January 1997 at Dollies Playhouse in Washington Park, St. Louis Metro East. At that time everyone else was still shooting film.  It wasn't long after that when Dollies gave the author his own phone line in front of the club's stage so that he could advertise the club through his digital photography.   Ironically Jack was doing business with a murderer.  Ironically, the club was one of the most progressive in the country at the time as the culprit gave his top manager carte blanche to do whatever he felt was best for the club. 

  • You want to shoot digital pictures of the girls in my club----Have at it

  • Bring your laptop into our club anytime

  • We will supply you with your own phone line to access the internet and it's dedicated for your internet use only.

  • Go ahead and set up your digital office (and phone line hookup)  just five feet from our club's main stage

  • Jack, if any customer sits at your table you have the right to make him move

  • Big Al's in Peoria is having a Miss Nude Illinois competition---We will enter our own contestant and then pay for Jack's hotel room in Peoria so that he can look after our dancer during the competition

  • You want to shoot Trendy Toilet pictures in our bathroom.  Well....the managers will get in those goofy pictures with you and everyone else you can convince to go on this fool's errand.

There were two partners who owned Dollies back then, Steve and Nathan.   Jack Corbett had an exhibitor's booth lined up for Alpha Productions in Las Vegas at the Exotic Dancer Expo.  He asked Steve, "Are you going to the convention?"  Steve replied:  "I'm going", and then the author replied, "Look me up at my booth then.  Steve never came by the booth but the author spotted him one morning in the Casino's elevator.  When Jack got back to the St. Louis Metro East (and Dollies) after the convention, Steve had already gone missing.  A few days later, Hawk, the club's general manager called the author into his office and told him Steve had disappeared and that he'd appreciate any information the author could get him from his internet connections.  Meanwhile one of the club's dancers, who was a close confidant of Jack's, told him that she had it through the grapevine that Steve had been murdered and that it was his partner, Nathan, who had killed him.  The rumor proved to be true but Steve's body wasn't discovered for a year after his disappearance.  Meanwhile Nathan continued to function as the club's owner, but it was Hawk who was the visible front man--Nathan just allowed him to make most of the decisions and Hawk did an excellent job on behalf of the club.  Nathan is now serving his sentence in the penitentiary. 

Kodak DC40

Released in 1995, the Kodak DC40 came with fixed focal length lens of 37 mm-equivalent and a 756x504 pixel CCD sensor. It came with 4 megabyte of internal flash memory storage and did not have any capabilities for using external memory. It also did not have an LCD for picture display


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