Trendy Toilet Sex 2
Jack Corbett

Unfortunately for everyone concerned Jack Corbett contracts a mysterious illness and dies at the Dollies Playhouse Strip Club.   Hawk and Renee are very upset so they call the convent after hearing about a mysterious nun who can heal the sick and make the dead rise again.   This nun has a serious drinking problem but who doesn't?  Her name is Sister Cuervo.

She finds Jack's body at his favorite place, the bar, with a macho mug gripped tightly in his now rigor mortified fingers.  And she gets to work.  Unfortunately for some, he rises from the dead.  "What a handsome devil," says Sister Cuervo as she kisses him.

Elated that he can be with dancers again Jack asks Sister Cuervo to give him a special "awakening party" in the Dollies women's bathroom.   And the fun begins


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Episode three of Dollies Trendy Toilet Sex

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