The Looking Glass Magazine the Perfect Krabi Beach Issue January 2013

We search for the Perfect Krabi Beach with Alex Garland's movie, "The Beach" and James Bond Island as our inspiration


In Search of the Perfect Krabi Beach
by Jack Corbett

Near Hong Island Krabi

It looks like James Bond Island in "The Man with the Golden Gun", but it's just one  Karst of thousands that make the Krabi area the most picturesque, incredibly beautiful coastal region of Thailand.  So it's no surprise that Richard played by Leonardo Dicaprio, like the Christopher Lee character in the James Bond film  would find his perfect getaway from mankind's polluting masses in Krabi.  Dicaprio's beach exists.  You can view it in these pages and in the included You Tube video.  But whereas the Maya Bay in the movie is now visited by far too many tourists who have overrun the Phi Phi Islands in recent years, many parts of Krabi are not.  If Daniel's perfect beach exists at all, it must be somewhere in the Adaman Sea in that area of Thailand that is often loosely defined as Krabi that includes the Phi Phi Islands, Ao Nang Beach and Railey.

Yamaha 125 Nouvo SX Elegance 135 roadtest

Nouvo Elegance vs Nouvo SX

by Jack Corbett

For the first time, a real road test that pits Yamaha's svelte fuel injected 125 c.c. Nouvo against last year's 135 cc Yamaha Nouvo Elegance to find out which bike offers the best fuel economy, cruising comfort and all around capability in a variety of road conditions.  Measured over a 125 km loop comprising four lane to heavy city traffic, our results will surprise you.


Uncle Bufford Naklua Bar Reviews
by Uncle Bufford


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Cartoon of Uncle Bufford in go go bar

The Jack Corbett Pattaya Advisory

The Jack Corbett Video Channel


Papa Kelly bar fines his Little Pet

Chiang Mai Kelly

Papa might be living with half a dozen go-go dancers now, but if the matriarch is still the Princess what's up with his bar fining the matriarch's daughter?


Jack Corbett's 12 Wonders
of Pattaya

There's a lot more to Pattaya other than the best looking babes in the world, over 2000 bars and more night life than anywhere else.


Hot Links to Thailand's Hottest
Night Clubs, Restaurants, Forums, etc

 Originally published over fifteen years ago, Jack Corbett's "Death on the Wild Side" is now available in a new spectacular 2nd edition  2nd Edition Death on the Wild Side

"Death on the Wild Side" recaptures those times and memories of the early 1990's in the St. Louis Metro East's notorious night clubs where anything goes and digital photography was in its infancy.  Back then photographers using film scoffed at the author's digital camera and laptop as mere toys until Jack's favorite strip club provided him with his own table only two yards from the club's main stage with his own private phone line for exclusive internet use.   At Dollies Playhouse Jack had carte blanch to take all the pictures he wanted, his headquarters fronted by a long stage of dancers performing scant feet away as his table became the center of endless rounds of tequila drinking. Those were the earliest days  of the digital revolution, at a time when the digital camera was practically unknown and the internet was something few people had ever heard of.   


 Jim Thompson's strange 1967 Malaysian (murder?) disappearance   revisited

by Jack Corbett


Moon Light Bungalows

Moonlight Bungalow where American Thai silk magnate disappeared under mysterious circumstances in 1967

By 1967, Jim Thompson, entrepreneur par excellence had put the practically unnoticed Thailand silk industry on the International map which helped  him  become the most famous American  in Asia.  But on March 27th, 1967, he disappeared after last being seen relaxing on the lawn just outside Moonlight Bungalow in Malaysia's Cameron Highlands.   Some say he got lost in the jungle while taking a stroll, others claim he got eaten by a tiger.  And still others claim he was kidnaped and murdered by the C.I.A. contending that he never had quit the O.S.S. (Office of Strategic Services) he served under during WWII.  Or that he was done in by Thais who were unhappy with his activities while living in Bangkok.  One theory was that he was a sympathizer of the Chinese Communist government whose agents he willingly surrendered to just outside this bungalow.  Another theory was he had fallen into an animal trap laid by the aborigines or run over by a motorist who hastily buried him. 

We had to get close to the scene to see for ourselves what Jim was up against when he disappeared into the jungle.  So we  flew from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur where we rented a car and drove to the Cameron Highlands.  There we braved cold showers, impossibly narrow and dangerous roads, and even a short trek through the jungle on manmade boardwalks just to see how thick the jungle could get.  There's nothing like actually going to the potential crime scene itself to see what might have happened and what most likely didn't.  So read on, see the pictures, and experience the videos to draw your own conclusions to one of Asia's biggest mysteries of the late 20th century.





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