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A collection of Jack Corbett short stories written while under the spell of American strippers and topless clubs

Death on the Wild Side has been my first novel. I had in mind a second, instead I came up with a collection of short stories on the many interesting people I've met since starting the alphapro web site.; But now, the second novel, "Welcome to the Fun House" is almost complete so it's time for a new chapter. (I wrote this nearly 20 years ago.  Now there are five books you can buy at Amazon in paper back or for your Kindle of Smart Phone.)

The Writer's Nook is a collection of short stories and off the wall writing I did while still writing about American topless clubs and the people I met on the way.  The Looking Glass, Alpha Productions online adult magazine now focuses on Pattaya, Thailand where I moved over five years ago. 

Jack Corbett


Read a sample chapter from   Death on the Wild Side..."It was the here and now that counted as if both he and Lori were perched on the knife's edge of the present, both of them acutely aware of the sheer drop off on either side of them that represented both the past and the future. Yet that knife's edge of time, so precarious, so thinly devoid of substance, meant everything to them."  (Frank considering his connection to top stripper Lori Mellon)


Writing for the Hell of It

Dick Fitswell


Dick Fitswell with his 18 inch dick in search for the perfect fit, Canadian Mounties, the Mothers for a More Boring Nation, Secret Police Organizations--that just don't want us to have any fun anymore are all here and now  in this section for the first time, the proof we've all been waiting for--that heavy drinking leads to a longer and happier life.  

Lost Angels Stories--the girls, the booze, the guys to remember  

Lost Angels, partying across the United States...coming from all over.  Beautiful women working in the clubs, some joining the adventurous men inside and outside the clubs, all joined together on a road that leads into the most improbable adventures.   Then there are the women in the group, those who do not dance for a living.  Men and women from all works of life.  


Then Lori Mellon returns----Nipples----the girl I wrote about in "Death on the Wild Side".  After having bolted to Arkansas she returns to the St. Louis Metro East Clubs, then disappears, only to reappear months later in a club a few blocks from Dollies.  At first she seems to have lost her looks.  No longer in her prime, she proves once again to be a dancer par excellence.  She has a memory that won't quit and a presence that cannot be ignored.


But there are other girls.  Of compelling presence in their own right.  The time has flown by.  Stay tuned for book II....the saga that leads nowhere or does it?  What you are about to read and the chapters to follow in the coming months could well become the foundation for the second Corbett book.  (But I wrote all this ten years ago.  The second book's about Pattaya, Thailand's Sodom and Gomorrah) 

Strip Club Stories


At Dollies Playhouse in Washington Park, Illinois, the club has a phone line dedicated to internet use.  Behind the bar is a Web T.V. and we've all got it going here.   it's a time for craziness, drinking tequila, our promoting the club together, with a Dollies manager, Big Howard as my number one sidekick.  Life doesn't get better than this. 


Serious Stuff & Philosophical Meanderings 



A friend of mine for seven years, Alex first met me at C-Mowes where she was dancing the night shift.  One thing did not lead to another.  We had not known each other long before she was reviewing a 200 page manuscript for "Death on the Wild Side" .  Then--years later I learned at Dollies that she had done some poetry.  She brought a poem in for me to read and I've been trying to get more of them ever since.  Alex didn't work at Dollies long, taking jobs in other clubs nearby, driving a semi, and in general appearing every now and then.  But she's online and we are finally getting her poems up.  The one and a half hours driving time separating us is nothing in cyberspace.  And she's back at Dollies.  Time to have a few with her.  

Alex's poems




She's Sahara the "It Girl" of the Lost Angels for 1999, who would remind one of the girl next door---that is, the girl you wished for but never found.   Ex Visions dancer, Sahara, is one of the most versatile and memorable women we've ever met.  Waitress, bartender, kick boxer, dancer, Sahara later stars as Secret Agent 006, Jane Swan, in our Sensations videos.  Model extraordinaire, Sahara has recently been writing poetry, insightful stuff---we can't wait to get our hands on more. 

Sahara's poems



Heaven's framed picture

Outspoken, and almost always in the limelight, it's impossible to overlook Heaven while in front of the camera she's sensational.  But unknown to many there's the introspective side of this incomparable beauty, which manifests itself in her poetry. 

Heaven's Poems



She's was a newcomer here in the writers nook with her pictures soon to showcase the site's front end.   Until now, her poetry and prose unpublished and read by only a few close friends.   We met her at Visions and right away we came back impressed by her friendliness and willingness to show off her club.  We thought we got to know her.  And then she was tragically murdered, her life ended by a jealous boyfriend.  At last....we are getting our first tastes of her writing style and viewpoints of the world around her.

Selena's poems



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