How to get the best out of Hedonistic Pattaya


  • Jack Corbett's 12 Wonders of Pattaya
    From world class zoos and 400 acre tropical gardens, to Southeast Asia's biggest and best beach front shopping center,  you can cavort with tigers,  ride elephants, feed rhinoceros and if something goes wrong the hospitals here put the U.S. to shame.  The West is so dull, even if you aren't a sex tourist.


  • The Looking Glass Magazine Forum where you will easily be able to separate good advice from the bad because when you go into our non-interactive areas, you know that all the posts come from real expats who have lived in Pattaya for years who know what they are talking about. 


  • The Looking Glass Magazine
    Now focusing upon Thailand there's still a lot there about American strip clubs, firearms and other subjects


  • The Pattaya Survival Guide Book Store Let's face it, most Western men coming to Pattaya come here for the women.  So when they arrive they come with know it all attitudes that leave them completely unprepared for the wily, unscrupulous play for pay women awaiting them.

It is sad but true that most men who come to Pattaya leave their brains at the airport and fall for the same B.S. that all the other men buy into.  

This site not only recommends the Pattaya Survival Guide Book Store, it urges you  not to have anything to do with any Thai woman you will be meeting in Pattaya  until you have read at least two  books on our list.  


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The Jack Corbett adisory is for Westerners in Thailand

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