How to survive Hedonistic Pattaya

Hedonistic Pattaya has the most beautiful women on the planet?   Pattaya's  more addictive than heroin.  Some of us never go home.

 Many call Hedonistic Pattaya Sodom and Gomorrah.  Others Paradise.  It's in Thailand where men are said to leave their brains at the Bangkok Airport and fall for the sirens of Thailand, the sexiest women on earth.

So who are these sirens?  According to Websters  in Greek Mythologythey were  a number of women or winged creatures whose singing lured unwary sailors on to rocks.

So beware and be afraid.  Unless you travel this site and learn its lessons well because  you will learn how to have more fun than you've ever had in your life before with your nest egg intact.  You will find a lot here at Alphapro to explore, particularly if you use the custom search engine to help you in your quest to find the most perfect beaches, which motorcycles to buy or rent, the best places to shop, where to get your computer repaired, the best tailor in town, recommendations for hotels, condo long term rentals, etc.  But most important, you will learn how to avoid becoming a victim in Thailand's Sin City. 

Jack Corbett  


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