Pattaya Addiction makes us want to live here

by Jack Corbett
The Lazy River Swimming pool at the Centara Grand Mirage
The Lazy River Swimming Pool is 360 meters long.  You can't beat the swimming
 in Pattaya and because of the climate, you can do it everyday. 

Pattaya Addiction starts when Thai women empower a maleís manhood and he can't stop coming here again and again. Thatís why so many of us came here as tourists, and after paying all that high priced airfare too many times over, decided to move here to satisfy that Pattaya Addiction permanently. So okay, Thai woman are just about the sexiest women on earth. But is this really enough to make a man leave his home country behind to live in an alien world where the cultural values are polar opposites to each other.  For example, in Thailand itís often better to lie than to tell the truth in order to save face.  I find this to be abysmally wrong, so why have I been living here for over 11 years?  So why do we Westerners put up with so many cultural anomalies? Itís because we suffer from acute Pattaya Addiction.

I can drive my motorcycles (I have three of them) everyday. Itís that warm here where the winter temperatures average no more than 8 degrees cooler than Summer. I can also swim everyday, and have three swimming pools within a hundred yards of me to choose from. The beach is only 200 yards downhill from my condo, and although the oceanís a bit too polluted to swim in, the water still looks clean enough to the casual eye. And I have 5 kilometers of beach for jogging which amounts to 10 kilometers when I run round trip. And such an interesting run it is. I can observe all the new construction going up. And Pattayaís got plenty of that with an annual building rate of 10 to 20 %. And all those people down on Beach Road. Thereís practically every nationality on earth along that stretch of beach bordering Beach Road. Then thereís the whores. Thereís lots of them, all looking for short time tricks. I wind up getting a lot of exercise and run into all sorts of people whether Iím jogging down the beach, swimming, or exercising at the 5 star fitness center Iím a member of. This has gotta be the most interesting place to work out in the entire world.

Life is easy here. There must be half a dozen Atmís within four hundred yards of my condo. Thereís also a half a dozen restaurants within two hundred yards of me. I can buy cigarettes, five or six different types of Vodka, Wine, Scotch, and a good assortment of beer along with Wine coolers, Breezers, and so on from a mini Lotus grocery store, one Seven Eleven, and one Family Mart only  200 yards of me. I can also buy a good assortment of food, snacks, batteries, camera memory cards, and USB devices. And within 1 kilometer thereís at least three more Seven Elevens and five more Family Marts. Within one kilometer thereís more restaurants than I can remember.

All my basic needs are very close by. And as for women, Iím meeting good looking babes everywhere from the 7-11's and Family Marts to the local restaurants and swimming pools. They are everywhere. They are even in my own condo lobby or going upstairs on the elevator with me.  Thereís easily over 2000 bars here, not that I go to them all that much. Thereís over one hundred go go bars which are a lot like American strip clubs. So the night life is off the scale even if itís on the seedy side.

But thereís a lot more than a huge number of bars and an endless supply of available women. Thereís my Jack Corbett Twelve Wonders of Pattaya where you will find such gems as Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens and the Sri Racha Kao Kheow Zoo 

 And just down the street is the Centara Grand Mirage Resort that fabulous wonderland where I have my annual fitness membership. So what am I giving up by living here? Canít think of a thing except for my guns. And my Pattaya Addiction wouldnít let me leave anyway.


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