Macau Hong Kong Looking Glass Magazine Dec 2013 Issue

The Macau Hong Kong Looking Glass Magazine issue also reviews Yamaha's filano a better Vespa at half the price.

  Five days in Macau/Hong Kong
by Jack Corbett

Hong Kong street cars

When a very good friend suddenly gets transferred by his company from Pattaya, to Macau to help build the world's largest Casino, it's time to revisit the Hong Kong area .  My last visit was in 1982.  My first visit was in 1979, the first year that China opened up to Americans.  So it's off to Macau and then Hong Kong.  But back in 1979, China was known as Red China.   Hong Kong and 200 nearby islands had been leased by the British in 1898 for 99 years.   With the lease expiring in 1997 many Hong Kong residents feared the imminent takeover of the British colony by the now Communist motherland.  I would soon find out that in many ways not that much had changed since the Communist takeover.

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The East St. Louis Cement Mixer Meets Pattaya Bar Girls

Take a shot of lime juice, a shot of Tequila into your mouth at the same time, holding both shots for at least 30 seconds, shake your head to mix the shots, and swallow.  That's the East St. Louis Cement Mixer, that became a favorite of many St. Louis Metro East strippers when I was frequenting the St. Louis East Side night clubs.  Now that's one helluva drink, that real men and women can truly appreciate.   Kwan's the best entertainer on Pattaya's Drinking Street, home to over forty outdoor beer bars, and as you will soon find out when you watch this video, Kwan who stands five foot seven without her heels is all woman who would be a superstar feature entertainer had she been born in the U.S.  You can experience the beer bars in Pattaya best if you hook this video into a large screen t.v. and surround system.  It's the next best thing to being with these sexy Thai women up close and personal. 


Uncle Bufford's Naklua Bar Reviews


Uncle Bufford Naklua Bar Reviews
by Uncle Bufford


Uncle Bufford takes no prisoners when it comes to his Naklua beer bar reviews making it clear which bars are worth going to and which are to be avoided like the plague.  If a bar caters to its bar girls instead of its customers Uncle Bufford's going to give it an F double minus  

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Jack Corbett's 12 Wonders
of Pattaya

There's a lot more to Pattaya other than the best looking babes in the world, over 2000 bars and more night life than anywhere else




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   Yamaha Filano--a better Vespa at one half the Cost

Filano and Sym 400 motorbikes

Measured side by side to the Sym 400 motorbike, at less than half the weight, Yamaha's Filano would seem to be suitable for midgets only.  But read on, watch the video, study the stats you will find only here, and you will discover that it's a better bike than the classic Vespa it emulates at half the cost.  And for that matter it's a far better bike for city driving here in Pattaya than such gargantuans as the Sym 400 or Honda's Forza.  But before buying one, read on to discover both the strengths and limitations of this little jewel and why it just might not be the best motorbike for you. 

 Le Jardin Suisse

Le Jardin Suisse

Is an upcoming oasis that stands alone as a restaurant amidst all that havoc, bus traffic, and riotous pandemonium of Naklua's increasingly frenetic Soi 16.    It's an 8 room guesthouse-hotel, a restaurant offering its own special French Swiss cuisine and ambience, and a much needed sanctuary offering a glimpse of quietude and sanity that's getting to be increasingly rare here at Wongamat Beach

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Welcome to the Fun House Dick Fitswell

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