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Saga of Peter the Great--Lotharina, the eavesdropping Vampire
by Jack Corbett

Primo erupted into spasm after spasm of jetting semen as his life force drained out of him. The beautiful creature entwined around his body continued to draw him into her to the last drop. Never had he had such a prolonged orgasm and never before had he felt such a doomed finality or helplessness. There was no escape–no avoiding her charms and allure when she had lured him into her bed. And when he felt her embrace as she locked her body around his and he gazed directly into her eyes he was unable to get away. Nor did he want to. Those eyes that had once seemed so cat like had become a bottomless abyss, a cavern of hopelessness and despair, eyes that belonged to the Devil himself. When her lips first met his neck, he had shivered with pleasure that intensified as her fangs first broke the skin of his neck. She had sucked gently as first, as he plunged deeply inside her. Sensing when he was about to squirt his juices into her, she turned voracious, her mouth a vacuum cleaner. By the time he had started climaxing he had gotten dizzy, his body already starting to weaken. He would become hers forever. When she was done with him, she cast him aside, a dried out empty husk.

Each night the vampire devoured another all too willing male, leaving him empty of blood. In an instant she could be anywhere she wanted and had made her rounds from Paris, to New York, and even into the larger cities of China. But she always wound up feeling empty. Unfulfilled and wanting a real impact on the world other than satisfying her insatiable need for human blood to keep her alive. Through the centuries she had read the great works of man and had studied Mazlov's "Hierarchy of Human Needs." She had recognized that although she had shelter, all the sex she could ever need, blood, and a sense of power, that she existed unfulfilled since she never reached that perfect state of self actualization.

A new hero had emerged over in the United States. Peter the Great had completed the process of seizing power and making himself a 21st century American Tsar. His public works program was succeeding. Unemployment had fallen from 7 % to under 3 in less than three years. It was time she learned the latest of what people were saying about him. In seconds she traveled to Aspen, Colorado, flying through the night at blistering speed. She sensed life and good fellowship inside a nice condo on Aspen Mountain. She became a wisp of smoke and flowed underneath the door.

Inside she found several men lounging in a great room, high ceilinged, its walls adorned with the heads of elk, deer and moose. A leather sofa and high backed chairs stood next to a large fireplace. The men sat facing a large picture window silhouetting Aspen Mountain as the snow cats groomed the slopes underneath the chairlifts their lights painting eery yellow beams across the snow as they traversed the mountain face.

"I must focus on funneling their thoughts about what I need to know," Lotharina thought." Her eyes went from one man to the other as her mind bored deeply into each man's brain. An image slowly appeared into consciousness, first into hers, then theirs, of Peter, riding through the streets of Washington in his chauffeured limousine.

"Hey Eddie, said one of the men as he stuffed out his cigar into a crystal ashtray on the heavy oak coffee table between them, "What do you make of this president of ours now that he's been in office three years?"

"He's a blood thirsty bastard if you ask me. God knows, he's certainly brought back public executions with a vengeance. Lately it's been like England in the 1600's or Paris during the Reign of Terror, but he's done it all on a much wider scale. But look at what he's done for the economy. He's put millions of the unemployed or underemployed to work on much needed projects. Already he's linked New York to Philadelphia with St Louis, Chicago and L.A. with that railroad of his. Whole new cities have started to spring up and the downtown areas of places like St Louis that have been steadily losing population for many years have been revitalized. Clearly America is on the move again."

"But he's killed a lot of people, a large man sitting on the couch replied."

"But it's not like he's taken any of our freedoms away," said Eddie. Look at gun control for instance. We still have our high powered rifles which we use on our hunting trips. And no new legislation has been passed to curtail what kinds of handguns we can own. In fact, in Missouri recently there's been new laws passed that will allow Missourians to own high capacity pistols that had previously been banned. And think about it, have you ever know anyone to be arrested for statements criticizing Peter or the government? No, of course not. True, he's whacked a lot of lawyers. He's executed people who send out computer viruses and a few spammers, embezzlers and telemarketers and he's killed a lot of murderers through his new court system.. But that all needed to be done anyway. Today there's a lot more respect for a man's privacy and right to live. He's made a statement that if you steal from another person that you will be punished. Which is a great thing. Especially when it comes to the lawyers who have been stealing from all of us for centuries."

"He's definitely brought in the spirit of a new morality," the first man added. Or maybe it's a return to the way things used to be."

"All in all, I'd say he's been a god send," said Eddie. In fact, it's almost as if he's been guided by the hand of God. When he's presiding over a courtroom himself, he rarely seems to make a mistake. The bastards he puts to death always deserve their fate or at last it seems to be that way to me."

"He's got 75 to 80 % of the country behind him. The rest are trembling in their boots. I find that to be terrific."

Lotharina turned away in disgust. That fucker, Peter, has got the whole country hypnotized, The people have fallen for his propaganda. And for his lies. He's a weak man out to prove to himself that he's got a big dick, and if it weren't for all those big financiers backing him he probably wouldn't even have a job in the first place. I've been studying men like him for centuries. They disgust me. Its high time for me to crawl out of my coffin and let the world know who I really am. There is not a mortal alive who can survive the wiles of Lotharina.

Eddie saw a low cloud of smoke appear just above the floor. In a few seconds it was gone as Lotharina wisped underneath the door out into the thin mountain air. "Has someone accidentally dropped his cigar onto the carpet?" he asked.


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