Peter the Great's Reincarnation Pages
By: Jack Corbett

Imagine a 21st century United States guided by a supremely gifted ruler who has total power and God as his right hand man.  If you ever wondered what you would do for your country if you were able to wield complete power over its citizens, Peter the Great's Reincarnated Pages are for you.


Tsar of Russia between 1696 and his death in 1725, Peter the Great's reign is perhaps unequaled in European history as Peter, more than any other monarch of his era exemplified the virtues of an enlightened despot. 

Standing six feet eight, Peter was one of those rare men whose intellect was never overshadowed by his stature.  Peter started his reign at at time when Russia was one of the most backward countries in Europe.  By the end of it, Peter had built a modern army and navy which was at least equal to any of its contemporaries while obliterating the death's grip the clergy had on the country.  He founded St. Petersburg which was to become the Venice of the North by forcing thousands of Russians to live and work in a swamp where they died like flies building the new metropolis.  Over the course of years Peter was able to wrest control over the Baltic Sea by vanquishing the vaunted Swedish armies of Charles XII and his successors while building an overwhelming naval presence in the region. 

Peter's intelligence and quest for learning was relentless.  While a young man he traveled in disguise to learn shipbuilding in England.  He kept his own supply of medical and dental instruments which he used to practice on his subjects and even built a small ship with his own hands.  There was no question of the nearly limitless range and quality of Peter's intellect, curiosity, and his willingness to put both to the test at every opportunity.  By the sheer strength of his ability and his willingness to be cruel when necessary, Peter was able to seize absolute control over Russia and use it to force his nation into the modern world. 

Peter is credited with even torturing and executing his own son after learning that he had conspired against him.   It is against this historical backdrop that we encounter the Peter the Great Reincarnation Pages.  The following chapters envision Peter being reincarnated into the 20th century where he grows up being educated at the finest American colleges and universities.  Like Russia's Peter several hundred years earlier, the modern Peter goes into politics where he meets God who becomes his political adviser.  He becomes President of the United States and with God's help and an unlimited source of funds he is able to sweep away all opposition and ultimately  seizes absolute power.   What he does with this power to give the United States its rightful place in History is the subject of these pages. 

The Peter the Great Episodes

The Peter the Great Reincarnation Pages  introduction

Episode 1--Mission from God--July 2002 

Episode 2--Peter the Great becomes President--August 2002

Peter the Great, The Birth of the new Praetorian Guard--August 2002

Peter the Great--The Golden Odyssey--October 2002

Peter the Great and the Coliseum--November 2002

Peter the Great finds out about Father Joseph--January 2003

God and the Lawyers--March 2003

Peter the Great takes Revenge on the Spammers--April 2003

Shootout at Peter's Corral--May 2003

Peter takes on organized Crime on the Internet--May 2003

Peter the Great, Introducing Lotharina the Vamp--June 2003

Peter the Great--The Vampire Side of Lotharina--July 2003

Peter the Great--The Seduction of Sergei--August 2003

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