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Soi Chaiyapoon’s Crazy Fox Lyn_Ly’s birthday party on steroids

After Pattaya Dancing Queen IV, I wanted to go to Soi Chaiyapoon’s Crazy Fox bar. And Lyn Ly’s birthday was a good reason to

Soi Chaiyapoon's Crazy Fox

Anna’s the mamasan at Soi Chaiyapoon’s Crazy Fox bar. And that’s a very good thing. Because Anna had been mamasan at Smoke and Kisses on Soi Six for years. Now let me explain a few things about the Smoke and Kisses Bars. There are four of them all owned by a Thai woman I think highly of. I used to go to Lolly Pop bar a lot Where the mamasan would let me play DJ and I’d play whatever music I liked. Sometimes 15 songs in a row.

As for Smoke and Kisses, I seldom ever hear that bar play what I call Da Da music. Which most bars on Soi Six play almost all the time. For the most part if you leave it to the bar’s cashier Smoke and Kisses normally plays good music and it’s not so loud that it tears my eardrums apart.

I also want to mention that Anna went to all three of our previous Dancing Queen competitions at Nikky Bar.

Don ‘t get me wrong, putting on Pattaya Dancing Queen Iv was a lot of fun. But I felt the wrong girls won. I won’t get into it much here, but you can read why I felt this way by clicking here.

While the music absolutely sucked at Pattaya Dancing Queen IV. I can’t blame the bar. Because Hot Shots has a German owner who appreciates great music. And Hot Shots normally plays some of the best music you will ever hear on Soi Six. The $200.00 microphone did not work the way it should. So, people could not hear my voice clearly. If they could I would have disqualified every girl who played electro music, which would have meant my disqualifying six out of the nine contestants.

But I couldn’t do that. But had the microphone worked I could have made it absolutely certain that every contestant in the bar heard my rules. And if they couldn’t follow them, “Sorry Honey no money.”

While two judges who promised to come did not do what they had promised me. Had they come to Hot Shots they would have told the other judges to not allow any girl to play that electro crap they played for their performances.

So, to clear my head and my heart, Soi Chaiyapoon’s Crazy Fox gave me the opportunity to make sure that we had great music playing for the girls to dance to.

Click here to go to the Pattaya Dancing Queen IV videos

Pattaya Dancing Queen IV is the winner of 20000 baht.

If I were to write about the four Dancing Queen competitions, I would have to write at least six chapters about Pattaya Dancing Queen IV.

Soem of the contestants for Pattaya Dancing Queen IV
Click on the picture above to watch the second video

Find the voting totals in the spreadsheet below

The way the judging works is each judge has 3 votes. He gives 3 points to his first-choice girl, 2 points to his second-choice girl and 1 point for the girl he thinks finished 3rd in the competition. Note that I am calling judge number 1, Thai. Because he is the only Thai judge, and his real name is actually Thai.

What I fail to understand is Mew, contestant number six only getting six votes. When she won all three of the previous Pattaya Dancing Queen Competitions.

Mew was contestant number six. She finished 1st at Nikky Bar for Pattaya Dancing Queen 1. Then she finished first again in July 2022. Winning the votes from five judges out of five for best dancer. Which earned her 10000 baht. And also winning from all five judges for doing the Best Show for an additional 4000 baht. While on my birthday on April 2, 2023, Mew once again won a unanimous score from all five judges. And by unanimous, I mean all five judges gave her 3 points.

I also fail to understand why Koy and Mali who danced together as number 4 did not win a single vote from any of the five judges. This would mean that according to these judges’ contestants 1, 3, 7, 6, 5 and 9 were all better than Koy and Mali. The spreadsheet places Mali and Koy in 7th place out of 9 contestants. Just keep in mind that in Pattaya Dancing Queen 2, Koy tied Gee for a 2nd place finish, and I used to think that Gee was the best dancer on Soi 6 until I met Mew.

I really felt Koy and Mali would have given Mew a real run for the money, with either Mew or Koy and Mali finishing first for 20000 baht.

I felt this way although both Mali and Koy felt Mew is unbeatable. But oh well, who knows can happen whether the contest is Pattaya Dancing Queen 1, II, III or Pattaya Dancing Queen IV.

Mali is a newcomer on this scene. It is her first competition, but before the last competition at Nikky Bar last April 2, 2023, I was shooting video of her in my condo analyzing which dancers she felt were the best. Mali thought Koy would beat Mew. But I disagreed with her, telling her Mew will always win, even if it means paying off the judges. Which I meant as a joke because I knew Mew too well to think she would ever take unfair advantage of anyone.

Example in point. Whenever Mew would met me in Soi Six when we would go to various bars together, she always made it a point to endear herself with the bars’ managers and owners. Oftentimes she would buy a manager drinks. Once she even bought Andy six tequilas at Helicopter bar and challenged him to drink all six. While in general she would always say goodbye to the owner, manager or mamasan before we ventured on to another Soi Six Bar.

But Mew outdid herself at Nikky Bar on April 2nd 2023 by convincing not only all five judges but practically everyone in the bar that she was the best of the best.

And if you watch Mew’s 2023 Nikky Bar performance you can watch practically everyone rooting for her. While at the end of the performance she has Gee, Koy and several of the contestants dancing with her before she could even complete her performance. Just keep in mind that Mew was beating her fellow contestants out of the money they would have won if she hadn’t showed up.

In spite of her never competing in a single dancing queen competition I knew Mali was ready for Pattaya Dancing Queen IV. I’ve taken her to many bars and shot lots of video of her. In a lot of ways, she’s a lot like Mew. Having terrific coordination from her hands and arms all the way down to her legs. All moving in synchrony with the music. Very few people have this kind of natural talent. Moreover, just a few days before Pattaya Dancing Queen IV, Gee paid Mali the highest compliment by telling her, “You are one of the four monkeys.” Meaning, you are one of us four. Mew, Koy, and myself.

Kudos to contestant number 5, however. She was sexy. She has a great figure. She danced very well.

But she also made herself very noticeable. Posing in front of my camera from start to finish. She also cozied up a lot to Mali. Even though the pair never met. She missed a first-place finish by a single point.

I can go on and on, but I will let you be the judges. Just go to my Facebook page and tell us what you thought of the contest. And who you would have voted for had you been one of the judges.

Click here to watch Mew winning Dancing Queen III at Nikky Bar last April 2, 2023

Click here to watch Koy taking a second-place tie with Gee at Pattaya Dancing Queen II in June, 2022.

The Nine performances for Pattaya Dancing Queen IV.

Contestants 1 and 2

Contestants 3 and 4

Contestants 5 and 6

Contestants 7-9

Video of the dancing that preceded the competition starting at 6:30 July 7, 2024

Dancing Queen’s Final Acts with contestants 7-9

These Dancing Queen Final Acts represent the grand finale of Soi Six’s great dance contest ever we held at Hot Shots.

Dancing Queen's final Acts picture of the contestants

Since I was putting up 35000 baht in prize money I wanted to put in my rules for this contest.

Number one, every girl who wanted to compete had to be on time to get her number and register for this event. Being on time meant showing up at 6:30 p.m. or earlier even though the dancing was not to start until 8 p.m. One of the girls who competed for the three previous dancing contests is nearly always late. At 8:30 p.m. she tried calling me. I refused her calls and disqualified her on the spot.

Another rule I tried to entrench in the minds of everyone involved with this contest was, “ALL CONTESTANTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PLAY WHAT i CALL DA DA MUSIC. Which comes down to electronic music that comprises just two beats. By the time the competition ended most of the contestants, including the girls performing dancing queen’s final acts. played that electronic noise. And that disturbed me immensely.

But as Marc put it to me later. I think everyone had a great time. And speaking of Marc, he did a great job helping me put on this event. But he’s no longer the manager at Hot Shots and will soon have his own bar. which I plan to visit as soon as I can.

So, what comes next? I would like everyone who’s enjoyed these videos to offer his feedback by telling us which girls he (she) would have voted for had he (she) been a judge.

I hope to get a lot of feedback on my facebook page Under Jack Corbett. After a few days I will announce the winners and put additional videos and pictures in the Jack Corbett Video Channel of the dancing after I handed out the prize money to the winners. And of course, of me handing out 20000, 10000 and 5000 baht to the winning contestants.

VIdeos of the first two contestants

Videos of contestants 3 and 4

Videos of contestants 5 and 6

Video of the dancing that preceded the competition starting at 6:30 July 7, 2024