Writing for the Hell of It in the Writers Nook

This one's just a lark.   Letting my hair hang out so don't take any of it too seriously.

Jack Corbett, Nov 15, 1999


Canada, the Menace from the North--A call to arms for the United States to go to war against war-mongering Canada

Longevity and heavy drinking----the evidence they don't want you to see

The third Studmuffin Contest.  It is Canada versus the U.S.  Dawg, the upstart Canadian challenges Dollies Playhouse Strip Club Manager Howard, the reigning world champion.

Lost Angels stories   This is an extensive new section which will continue to grow.  Look at it as a continuation of my novel, "Death on the Wild Side"

Whoring in the Metro East   Revisit the old days of the St Louis Metro East clubs.   Back in the times when a man could take the girl of his choice on the latest joy ride in a club's limo or do hot tubs with lots of willing girls right in the club.   I checked this side of the topless scene a few years ago.   This section will continue to grow eventually encompassing a couple hundred pages.

Dick Fitswell--The man in search of the perfect fit-----------Don't know why we let this guy in here since he represents men at their worse

The Trail of the Leech-------Buy the famous Pimp t shirt here, read all about the human kind of leech living off women, and revel in  the Leech cartoons.

Doc Holiday gets a DUI-----This imaginary Western satirizes the hypocritical mores prevalent in the U.S.  while comparing the modern topless club to the free wheeling old Western saloons.

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